Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Generation of Schnorrers

Seen in Tel Aviv

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Yes, it is Chanukkah and we all should have some positive thoughts. Nevertheless, these days I keep on asking myself why so many religious institutions as well as Rabbis are asking for donations. Of course, they need support and money but sending out constant e - mails begging for donations may not be of such a great help. Honestly, it sometimes really gets on my nerves. 

What is even more upsetting are children from certains Rabbis who see their parents living from donations; so, why should they (those children) look for a job ? I personally know Litvishe guys who don't even participate in a lot of Yeshiva studies but just hang around. In Internet Cafes. One even got married a few years ago, has children and recently bought a house in Beit Shemesh. But do you think that this guy has ever worked in his life ? Not once !
Those are the moments when I am asking myself what I do wrong. I work and still don't own a house. If I don't work, I don't have a place to live and nothing to eat either. It really bothers me that there are many religious kids who don't have any intention of doing something in their lives. The parents receive donations, so why should the kids don't use this money for their own well being ?

I don't give any money to religious institutions and especially not to the Schnorrer kiddies. First of all, when you support religious institutions, the main amount of donations goes into red tape. Fundraisers get their commission, the institution needs to cover its bills such as rent, electricity, phones, etc. 

What I do prefer is giving money to people with a goal in life. To a religious artist, computer developer, scientist or enterpreneur. One who is doing something and doesn't only sit and say "I am Rabbi so - and - so's son and this is why I have to receive donations from you !"

It is the responsibility of a parent to raise his child to a human being with a goal in life. Achieving something and be proud of what one has gained or learn from the mistakes when you fail. But do something in life and don't only walk around shaking a cup in your hand !

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