Thursday, December 29, 2011

Israel's Media and its haredi hatred

This week, the haredi press is accusing the secular press of putting more fuel into the hatred issue. Secular papers as YEDIOT ACHARONOT ask women to complain about Haredim to the police in case they are spit at or assaulted. On the other hand, the haredi site KIKAR SHABBAT reports about Haredim being attacked by secular Jews. 


  1. Goodbye Miriam. You have shown your colours and I won't be reading this site again.

  2. B'H

    I really like this paragraph:

    "But anxiety, as we said, seeks a convenient target - hatred of the ultra-Orthodox. How easy it is to hate "the Haredim," especially when they are facing the lovable symbolic figure of a young, innocent girl with fair hair and big large eyes. What the media did to her and her story borders on repulsive voyeurism. And not for the first time: The same thing happened with "the Sephardi girls" in Betar. The secular public, which does not lift a finger in the face of blatant discrimination against women when it comes to wages, work and image; sharing the burden of childcare; the cruel emotional and physical abuse of young girls in the sex trade, is deeply shocked when a young girl in Beit Shemesh is spat at.

    How convenient, how romantic, how well it suits the politics of empty images. How useful for Netanyahu, who knows best how to use these empty symbols and turn this conflict, too, into a tool to glorify his image as the caring and liberal father of the nation. He makes declarations, while the public demonstrates on behalf of the girl and is shocked by women being pushed into the back of the bus. And female politicians on the right and the left woke up and formed a new forum for women, "against exclusion.""

    The whole article can be read here:

    It's unbelievable that even Haaretz wrote a quite balanced article on the subject.

  3. B"H

    I didn't show any colours and I am not in favour of the Sikarikim at all. I think I have said enough on my opinion about Yoelish Kroisz and others in the past.

    @ Moshe

    There was even a balanced report on Israeli TV. The secular Israeli journalist Amnon Levy speaking in favour of the Haredim. Just to remind everyone: It was Amnon Levy who wrote the famous book "The Haredim" in the 80ies.

    Someone living in Ramat Beit Shemesh wrote me that the mother of the abused girl arranged a PR company for her daughter. That tells everything !