Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nittel Nacht - Xmas Eve


Tonight, 24th December 2011 (28th / 29th Kislev), the Christian world starts celebrating the birth of the false Meshiach J. This particular night when J. was supposed to be born, Chassidim call "NITTEL NACHT - NITTEL NIGHT" and keep the custom of not studying Torah from approx. 7pm until midnight. The time when J. was born. See also the "Schulchan Aruch or the Chatam Sofer on this topic.

Most chassidic groups keep the custom of Nittel Nacht and many of them treat this matter very seriously. For instance, the Lubavitcher (Chabad) where the Chassidim play chess until midnight.

Kabbalistically speaking, the false Meshiach J. and his followers may gain special spiritual powers by our Torah studies - according to the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe Shalom Dov Baer (Rashab), 1860 - 1920. The Rebbe said that we shouldn't waste our time when we don't study Torah but play chess. 

Nevertheless, not all chassidic group keep the "chess custom"; such as Vishnitz. However, chess is having a positive influence on our intellect similar to Torah study.


Details about Nittel Nacht and its history "Hirhurim".

Chabadnikim playing chass during Nittel Nacht. 

I spoke to a Chabad Rabbi and was told that the custom from refraining from Torah study even applies to Erev Shabbat. An interesting question, however, would be whether the cause may be an evil J. or rather the anti - Semite who, later on spread Christianity: The Apostle Paul.


  1. All goy scholars understand that J was not born on December 25 or anywhere near this date on the calender, but probably several months later or sooner. Maybe around Pesach. The pope picked this date to distract pagans from their winter solstice holidays, not because any of them ever really thought J was born on this date. So where does that leave us?

  2. B"H

    Do you intent to say that Nittel Nacht is actually unnecessary ?

  3. No, because they would kill us on this night. We would never go out on this night. Our family would tear toilet paper for the year on this night.

  4. B"H

    I think that on Xmas Eve as well as on Good Friday, many Christian would be prepared to kill us. Until today !

  5. Hi
    I just came across your blog and found this post.
    Just to share some facts with you: the photo of the Rayatz and the Rebbe Zatz"al playing chess was not taken on nittel nacht. It was taken while the Rayatz was on Datche ("holiday") in one of the European health centers and the Doctors recommended he play chess to relax his mind and thereby relax his body. As they could not properly help him when his body was so stressed due to the communal problems and personal health issues that he was dealing with.