Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Men touching women on public Israeli buses


After all the fuss Tanya Rosenblit caused with her provocation on a Mehadrin bus from Ashdod to Jerusalem, many Israeli women have started asking themselves whether a gender separation really stands for discrimination. The latest poll among women from Tel Aviv shows an interesting result: Many women complained about men touching them on public buses. Once those men are caught, they justify themselves by saying that the bus is too crowded and thus, one has to get closer to the person standing next to him. 

A while ago, quite a few national religious women made the same statement and preferred separated buses, as then they are not being starred at. I am against separated buses but there are situations when I would prefer having one. I remember a scene from a few years back when a young haredi man started touching a young married woman on the Jerusalem Egged bus line 15. While going to the haredi Givat Sha’ul neighbourhood, the bus was packed with Beit Yaakov girls and a young haredi guy in his 20ies started getting closer to a married woman. She told him three times not to touch her or get closer to her. First the guy didn’t care and started again. However, when the woman raised her voice and people started staring at him, he finally stopped his attempts. 

I witnessed the whole scene and found the behaviour of the Haredi more than disgusting. If I had been the woman, I would have slapped him right in his face.


  1. The touching and the separate seating stem from the same psychosis, can't you see?

  2. B"H

    First, I always thought that men want to protect themselves from the Yetzer HaRah. On the other hand, why should I hide myself because some men are unable to manage their feelings and life ?

  3. B"H

    It is very unfortunate that these things happen all over the world and nobody likes their private space invaded. Even on crowded trains it happens. Here in the Diaspora I always try to find a seat next to a woman whenever possible or I place my bag next to me so if someone had to sit next to me there would be no chance of them touching me (I am female myself).

    I personally prefer Mehadrin buses. What this lady did was right. If she felt this person was coming too close all she had to do was tell him to move back. I do not believe that you can equate gender segregation to discrimination. The one's who seem to feel this is discrimination are usually those from outside of the Charedi community.

    Gut Shabbos

  4. B'H

    "why should I hide myself because some men are unable to manage their feelings and life ?"

    To help them not to succomb... :-)

  5. B"H

    It is true - It is happening all over the world and I am sure that even many Gentile women all over the world would prefer separate buses. At least at certain hours late at night !

  6. B"H

    @ Moshe

    I really don't get this concept with men who are unable to behave themselves. Why do I have to help them ?

    Excuse me, but I am not jumping around wildly because I am getting certain ideas.:-)))