Sunday, December 11, 2011

Demonstration against 40,000 Africans in Tel Aviv, Part 1


There is not much to write about. Tonight's demonstration, organized by Israel's right, is over. A demonstration against thousands of illegal Africans in Tel Aviv but we didn't hear any solution for the problem. 

When I arrived at the demonstration at about 6.30pm, a policeman sent me to the wrong meeting point. At the Levinsky Park, right across Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station, about 100 Africans started gathering together with a handful white people. Israel's left - wingers were organizing a counter demonstration and the head - leftists started giving his commands: The right - wingers are going to arrive any minute and no one should fall for any provocation nor respond to anything. 

As soon as the right showed up, I changed sides.  Baruch Marzel as well as Knesset Member Michael Ben Ari arrived with about 100 participants. “Sudanim le’Sudan – Sudanese to Sudan” – the right - wingers shouted. Israel's left yelled back "You are all rassists !" Baruch Marzel and Michael Ben Ari had shipped in their own people and I really missed people from Tel Aviv demonstrating. Not only the national religious from Marzel brought in from Hebron or elsewhere but real inhabitants from the surrounding Tel Aviv neighbourhoods. Inhabitants from Neve She’anan, Shechunat HaTikvah or HaAliyah Street up to Florentin. There are plenty of people from the neighbourhoods speaking up against the Africans but they didn't show up at the Marzel - Ben Ari demonstration.  Who did show up was the media. 

After a Russian doctor, a new immigrant, had given the first speech, it was the turn of Baruch Marzel. 40,000 African (most of the illegal) live in Tel Aviv and neither the Prime Minister nor Ron Chulda'i (the Mayor of Tel Aviv) do anything.  What no one mentioned tonight: Netanyahu is extremely friendly with Israel's business leaders and it is them convincing the Prime Minister that the Africans should stay. Israel's companies (e.g. the hotel industry in Eilat or at the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv restaurants ) love using the Africans as cheap labour. They earn millions by exploiting Africans instead of giving the jobs to Israelis who would demand a much higher salary.

Baruch Marzel as well as the following speaker, Michael Ben Ari, accused Netanyahu of being guilty that every day, another few hundred Africans are able to infiltrate into Israel. Ron Chulda'i should throw Africans children out of Israeli schools and not send Africans to Israeli hospitals for health checks and thus letting the Israeli tax payer pay for illegals who have nothing to do in our country. 

In the meantime, the left - wingers together with about 100 Africans moved closer and placed themselves across the right - wing demonstration. Police and the army border police were standing in the middle and trying to separate the two groups.

No one was offering a solution but more and more Africans started showing up. Many of them were curious about what was going on. A few African junkies were staggering around but the majority was peaceful. About two hundred meters far away, prostitutes started opening the doors to their "businesses". Rightists and leftists yelled at each other and Baruch Marzel as well as Michael Ben Ari gave interviews. 
What should I say ? That was about it and tomorrow, another few hundred Africans will stream into Israel. 

Here are a few photos in order to give you an impression. I took quite a few pictures and will publish them in parts.

Africans and Israel's left gathering for a counter demonstration. 

The right is coming. With beard and Kipa: Baruch Marzel.

Baruch Marzel giving his speech.

Michael Ben Ari speaking.

Michael Ben Ari being interviewed by the Israeli Russian TV.

The Africans

The army border police


A few hundred meters further away: Africans in Finn Street. After getting dark, this area looks like Africa.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. B'H

    Can you tell us why they printed a Palestinian flag alongside an Israeli flag on their paper?

  2. B"H

    I don't think it is the Palestinian flag but supposed to be some kind of African flag, as the headline says "Africa - Israel".

  3. Hello,

    In Athens where i live there are now more than 1 million illegal immigrants from pakistan and africa. The whole city is destroyed now. Africans sell drugs even in tourist areas and most of the pakistanis are a source of very cheap labor and they steal the jobs from unskilled greeks. Also, many pakistanis are fundamentalists islamists. Do not allow this to happen in israel. In Greece, the authorities had a relaxed attitude towards the illegals and now the whole country has flooded.

  4. B"H

    We don't have Pakistanis but the Africans keep on streaming in on a daily basis. The big problem is that no one is doing anything because the Africans are cheap labour and exploited by Israeli companies. The economy influences the government and company owners convince Netanyahu to keep the Africans. This way, the economy makes money.