Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why is the Israeli press running wild against Haredim ?


I have been asking myself these days, why Israel's secular and mainly left - wing press is running so much propaganda against haredi society. Iran's atomic bombs, Palestinian terror, poverty in Israel, unemployment ... hardly any word about those topics in the news but only Haredim. Israeli society sees its freedom in danger when a few Sikarikim in Beit Shemesh freak around. 

Who is behind those media stories and who may gain an advantage from a self - made war against Orthodox Judaism ?

Sultan Knish has an amazing answer:


  1. Nonsense... Stop glorifying the extremists and making excuses.

  2. B"H

    I am not glorifying but asking questions. And to me it is obvious that something else must be standing behind the whole anti - haredi campaign. The question is "Who is next ?" The settlers again or everyone wearing glasses ?

  3. B"H

    To the Anon poster. Miriam is one of the very few bloggers whom doesn't make assumptions about the Charedi community as a whole.

    It's easier to jump on the anti-Charedi band wagon.You obviously know little to nothing about our community.

  4. @Miriam:


    Why don't you discuss the major economic threat to Israel in 30 years, when non-working Haredim will make up at least 20% of Israel's population?

    Also, I didn't see any comment by you on the attack from extremists on the woman in Beit Shemesh just a few days ago?

  5. B"H

    Why are the Haredim a threat when the Arab population will be much higher ?

    The latest "attack" in Beit Shemesh is extremely doubtful and media reports have been contradicting themselves. No one really knows whether the woman made up the whole story or it did take place.

    By the way, its strange that no one is reporting about Haredim getting attacked. The media completely ignored the case where a haredi girls got attacked by secular Israelis.

  6. Why is it doubtful? I couldn't find even one serious article where it was suspected that the story was made up by the woman? Please show me.

    The fertility rate of Haredim is actually much higher than the Arab one.

    The fertility rate in 2010 (according the CIA World Factbook):


    Arabs: 3.75
    Jewish: 2.97
    Haredim: 7.7 - 8.0

    Palestinian territories:

    Arabs: 3.05
    Jewish: 5.10
    Gaza: 5.19

    There are tons of researches, prognoses and articles about the demographic change.

    Now the basic problem question is:

    Who will go the army (IDF) and who will provide money then?

  7. B"H

    I don't need the CIA for figures about Israel but read Israeli news. For years there have been Israeli warnings that Arabs are bearing more children than Jews and thus may use the rise in population as a reason for receiving more territory.

    Regarding the case with the woman in Beit Shemesh: There were articles on ARUTZ 7 and other Israeli news sites whether the incident really took place. By the way, no one really took it too serious anyway, as we are sick of leftists trying to get the world's attention.

    Who will go to the army ?
    There are Haredim who do join the army.
    In case all Haredim would join the army NOW, the army could not even accept them, as there isn't enough space let alons tasks. The army even delays regular soldiers due to missing space.

    I would recommend to concentrate on Israeli sources and reality in this country. Reality here looks very different from a CIA website.