Monday, December 12, 2011



On Tuesday night, December 20th, 2011, we are going to light the first Chanukkah candle this year. I want to use the opportunity to point out the fact that CHANUKKAH is an entirely JEWISH holiday and it seems ridiculous when especially Christians trying to claim the holiday for themselves. Other religions, and Christianity is another foreign religion, have absolutely nothing to do with Chanukkah !!!  The Maccabim were fighting against any kind of idol - worship and when Christians try celebrating Chanukkah they actually celebrate against themselves.:-)

The revolt of the Maccabim / Jews against the evil Greek occupation in Israel is teaching us several things. Among others

1. To be proud of our Jewish religion and heritage


2. Not to follow any idol - worship in this world. Not to follow any false Meshiach, as the Christians do. If the Maccabim were alive today, they would fight Christian missionaries in Israel the same way, as they once fought the Greeks. 

Chassidut BELZ in Jerusalem lighting the Chanukkiah. 

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