Monday, December 19, 2011

Haredim founding their own bus company


After all the fuss Israel's secular left - wing media has been making about the EGGED Mehadrin buses, the Haredim decided to found their own bus company . Already next month, private kosher buses are due to run and the bus passengers will get their rides for free. The most complicated issue is always a legal one, as our Ministry of Transportation is only granting certain bus stops to EGGED but not to other private bus companies. However, the entire present public fuss may even caused a faster decision on that matter. Who knows ...

Also today, the left - wing daily YEDIOT ACHARONOT continued its war against Israeli Haredim by sending out camera teams onto Mehadrin buses and provoking passengers. Yesterday's article by  Tanya Rosenblit caused lots of public attention but when I asked secular people in Tel Aviv on what bus exactly Ms Rosenblit got on, no one knew that it was actually a Mehadrin and not a regular public bus. However, all those people I spoke to today said that it was an EGGED bus and on any EGGED bus, people can sit wherever they want, as EGGED is a state - owned company. If the Haredim want their separate seating, so found your own company. And this is what is going to happen now.

EGGED Bus in Jerusalem
Copyright / Photo: Miriam Woelke

On the other hand, Haredim from Jerusalem have been complaining about secular Israeli women getting on Mehadrin buses and starting provocations. Mehadrin buses who only run within haredi neighbourhoods and are normally not used by other passengers but Haredim.

It is strange that the war against the Haredim is taking palce right before Chanukkah. In the days of the Maccabim, many Jews joined Greek ideologies (the so - called HELLENISTS) but, in the end, lost everything. 

Israel's Chief Rabbis stated that our country is not an entirely religious one and that the haredi population has to accept that there are other Jews as well. Most Haredim I know are actually against those kosher buses.

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