Monday, December 19, 2011

Tel Aviv: Illegal Africans at the UN - office

Ben Yehudah Street in Tel Aviv. An office of the United Nations is located in the building and this why, every morning, plenty of Africans are awaiting the opening hours. The Israeli government now wants to start deporting thousands of illegal African infiltrators and yesterday, hundreds of Africans went to the UN - office in the course of the day. What they want is a "refugee status" but 99% are nothing but people who just want to live anywhere but in Africa. 

40,000 African infiltrators live in Tel Aviv and time has come to deport them back to Africa. Israel is too small and has enough other problems to deal with. 

Demonstration against 40,000 Africans in Tel Aviv last week:

Copyright / Photos: A working colleague of mine

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  1. they need to go through an orthodox conversion xD