Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why did Tanya Rosenblit use a Mehadrin bus ?


The Israeli newspaper YEDIOT ACHARONOT greeted its readers with a huge headline this morning. The 28 - year - old student Tanya Rosenblit became the latest "hero" of those women being attacked by Haredim on certain Egged buses. HERE is the article from Yediot where Tanya Rosenblit describes her bus ride from Ashdod to Jerusalem. She placed herself in the men's section of the bus and got attacked by the male haredi bus passengers. 

However, what Yediot Acharonot doesn't tell is that Ms. Rosenblit took one of the haredi Mehadrin buses and NOT an ordinary EGGED bus.  

The readership not being familiar with the different bus lines from Ashdod to Jerusalem will get the impression that the incident happened on a regular EGGED bus but this is not the case. Tanya Rosenblit apparently used one of the Mehadrin buses on purpose in order to provoke the haredi passengers and get her headlines. 

Mehadrin buses have separate seating (men in the front and women in the back) and as soon as I use such a bus, I know what to expect. I am fully aware of the separate seating but Tanya Rosenblit ignored the fact and now received her headlines.YEDIOT ACHARONOT, on the other hand, is very well - known for its anti - haredi policy and articles.

Israel's haredi press has been reporting the whole day about the incident and came to the conclusion that Tanya Rosenblit is nothing but provoking.

A haredi article on the subject. Unfortunately only in Hebrew ! 


  1. B'H

    Just a stupid and bored woman looking for her moment of fame. And these days, it seems that the best way to be famous is to attack the Haredim one way or the other.

    She should get a life. Apparently, she doesn't feel fulfilled in her current job.

  2. B"H

    She is referred to as a writer and translator. Whatever that means. I just know that she took a camera and placed herself on purpose on the Mehadrin bus. Yediot published photos from the Haredim speaking up against her. So, it looks as Tanya Rosenblit made a whole setup in order to get some fame.

    In order to become famous you need to be a woman in pants placing yourself on a Mehandrin bus line. That's quite sad !

    What is she going to do next ? Have a cheeseburger at the Toldot Aharon Tish ?

  3. Yes she obviously did it to get a story, exactly like Rosa Parks.

  4. discrimination for sex or race and so on is not the right of food for food kasher for istance. it's discrimination. you cannot have rights of difference if they contents discriminations. a human rights State has to tollerate religions as separate with autonomy, but never tollerate discrimination in public service. so the exemple of paragon it's not to order a cheeseburger in a kasher food-shop but to enter in a food shop (kasher or not)and to be discriminated as women or as homosexual or as not jews and so on. one civil country cannot have pubblic services (shops, bus, train, offices, pubblic schools etc.) with this kind of discriminations!! and what is the ratio? the ratio is that when is in pubblic your behavoir become a symbol of discrimination that a civil society cannot tollerate!! so Tanjia Rosenblit was very good to strugle against this shit of discrimination imposed to the eyes of everybody!! IF THEY WANT THEIR RULES ON BUS THEY HAVE TO ORGANIZE PRIVATE BUS, AND ONLY FOR MEN OR ONLY FOR WOMEN BECAUSE CANNOT BE ACCEPTED A SYMBOLIC DISCRIMINATION!! also the State has to grant the same rights between women and men into family (with wifes and with children!)! I'm Elena Bignami Milano, Italy

  5. B"H

    She is obviously looking for attention.

    That why the story is picked up Haaretz and Leftist papers who seem to only want to publish any negative stories about the Charedi community.

    I fail to see how this is newsworthy.

  6. "she took a camera"

    Do you know what percentage of Israelis carry a phone that includes a camera?

  7. Rosa Parks knew what to expect too no doubt.

  8. B"H

    I only saw YEDIOT ACHARONOT's headlines today and, obviously, the paper has nothing else to write about:

    Yesterday a whole Yediot team entered a Mehadrin bus together with Tanya Rosenblit. I think that this is more than provocation.

    I personally don't get the idea entering davka Mehadrin buses and expect to sit wherever I want. Tanya Rosenblit definitely took the Mehadrin bus on purpose because those buses have a different bus stop in Ashdod than the regular Egged buses.

    Israel's Supreme Court decided a while ago that separate gender buses are against the law and many Haredim arranged their own private bus companies. EGGED, however, runs a few Mehadrin buses for the haredi population in haredi areas. Meaning that I from Tel Aviv need to go to Bnei Brak or Ramat Gan in order to catch the EGGED Mehadrin bus line 402 to Jerusalem.

    Those who don't want to go on a Mehadrin bus to Jerusalem usually use the Central Bus Station or Arlozorov Train Station (where the bus stops are). Why should I first travel to Bnei Brak in order to catch a Mehadrin bus which I don't want because I am in jeans and want to sit wherever I want ?

    So, why did Tanya Rosenblit do so in Ashdod ?

    In order to get famous in this country I just put on a bikini and wait at a bus stop for the next Mehadrin bus.

    The whole bus issue went peaceful for a longer period of time, as there are the Mehadrin buses (which Egged runs despite the Supreme Court verdict) and private bus lines paid by haredi groups.

    Furthermore it is ridiculous accusing the Edah HaCharedit of setting the rules on EGGED buses. People who are familiar with the subject know that Haredim connected to the Edah are not using EGGED buses at all !!! Not even Mehadrin buses run by EGGED.

  9. Mehadrin or not, this is a public Egged bus. There should be no way to limit public buses to parasites only. Get your own private buses (the hard-working people will have to pay for them anyway), if you want to humiliate and discriminate.
    Tanya is smart and courageous woman, ירבו כמוה.

    And if you spread lies, try to make something less stupid than your "a whole Yediot team" nonsense. Hopefully even brain-washed medieval haredim are not stupid enough to believe that.

  10. B"H

    There is a BIG difference between Rosa Parks and Tania Rosenblit.

    Why are people comparing Gender segregation to Racial discrimination!!

  11. B"H

    I would rather call Tanya Rosenblit"stupid" and "running after fame". She is anything but courageous and looking for a way to earn money. It doesn't take much to get onto a Mehadrin bus and sit in the wrong section.

    And obviously you haven't read yesterday's YEDIOT where the paper itself writes about a team getting on a bus.

    Read the paper first (in Hebrew) and only then make your remarks. Furthermore I see that you don't know any details about haredi life in Israel but spreading prejudices.

  12. B"H

    To Anon December 20, 2011 2:34 AM.

    You obviously know next to nothing about Haredim but only what the secular media prints about our community.

    It might be an awful shock to you that we work and pay taxes.

    These people deliberately stir up trouble and naturally it ends up being reported by those whom hate Torah observant Jews.

  13. Tanya R is an idiot. Many women like her in Jerusalem deliberately try to provoke an incident~like the "women at the wall". As a woman I will not suffer discrimination, but people like Tanya R try to force their ways on the rest which is offensive and is discrimination as well. Anyone living her knows there are regular and religious bus lines. I am fed up with her ilk who have nothing better to do than spread hate against the Charedim. Like it or not they have been here longer than she has and they have a right to their ways just as much as she has a right to act like an idiot. Rosa Parks? I think not...Tanya R is a hater, not a hero.

  14. B"H

    Already for quite a while, Leftists in Jerusalem have been organizing anti - haredi demonstrations on Shabbat or keep on running around screaming through Mea Shearim. On Shabbat, disturbing the locals who actually kept quiet and refrained from responding to some wild idiots.

    It is sad that any idiot getting on a haredi bus and freaking around is suddenly getting famous in our country. Unfortunately, it tells a lot about our country. As if we don't have other problems.

  15. Miriam,

    Do you really think that it is provocative for a woman to sit on a public bus?

    The haredim need to get back into their medieval box and stick to m.s and bnei brak. Their political muscle is growing as their numbers swell. How dare they try to change the character of the state they have done nothing to support.


  16. B"H

    Why should anyone take a Mehadrin bus when he doesn't like the rules on those buses ?

    The bus Tanya Rosenblit took was a bus for haredi society. Egged does run such buses in haredi areas and, as I said before, usually no one else is getting on those buses.

    If she really had an interest in only going to Jerusalem, she would have gone to the Central Bus Station in Ashdod and taken a regular bus.

    Fact is, however, that most Haredim are against those gender separations.

  17. Why should she not take any bus she pleases?

    Also you say that most haredim are against these buses. Even if that is true and I have no knowledge wither way - firstly, the numbers do not matter. Haredi society is not democratic and the leadership and the public are the prisoners of their most extreme members. Secondly, from your victimisation of this woman you appear to be in favour of these buses

  18. B"H

    In this case, you are drawing the wrong conclusions. I am against those buses but also against authors searching for fame by inventing stories or telling lies.

    No all Haredim are so terribly extreme, as you may think. There are plenty of moderate very well educated Haredim around. But, of course, it is easier using stereotypes.

  19. The truth may be found at:

  20. The Supreme court has ruled that such segregation is illegal. End of story. If members of a specific group do not agree with that decision, then they have the option of walking. Police also should enforce the law and not be asking others to respect conduct that has been deemed illegal by the supreme court. We should celebrate rather than criticize people willing to root out illegal discrimination. If such actions result in compliance with the law, then society is benefitted. The bus company should have followed the law rather than passively tolerating illegal behavior.

  21. Ms. Woelke, you criticise because she sat in what you deem the wrong section of Mehadrin bus. The fallacy of your argument is that it is based on the preservation of segregation deemed illegal by the Supeme Court. The highest court has ruled that there is no wrong section on a public bus. That rule applies whether the bus predominately serves one group or one neighborhood. That group or neighborhood cannot insist others to respect segregation on a public bus that has been declared illegal by the supreme court. If someone, whether individually or in a group, exposes illegal segregation on public transportation and brings about change, then society benefits. My comments would be the same if women were insisting that haredim ride in the back of the bus. Such segregation is wrong and should not be tolerated do many years after the supreme court's ruling.

  22. B"H

    My criticism was rather based on common sense. If I want to go from Ashdod to Jerusalem, I would choose a regular Egged bus. Why on earth should I choose a Mehadrin bus and start argueing about where I want to sit. As soon as I get on, I know what to expect and that there may be rules.

    I am fully aware of the Supreme Court's verdict and, as far as I understood, the Haredim are now enforcing their own bus companies. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Tanya Rosenblit or someone like her got onto such a private bus and started another fuss.

  23. My understanding is that the bus driver actually confirmed it WAS a EGGED bus. Why did the author of this article feel it was necessary to lie about this point?

    Any religion that puts rhetoric ahead of human dignity has opened the door to evil and is doomed to fail.

  24. B"H

    It is well - known that Tanya Rosenblit go onto an EGGED Mehadrin bus. There is nothing to lie about and we all know about the issue.

    However, there are Mehadrin buses and regular Egged buses. Tanya Rosenblit, however, chose to go to a haredi neighburhood first in order to get onto the bus and start trouble. She, as a journalist, needed a story.