Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Israel’s leftist paper YEDIOT ACHARONOT (Online it is called YNET) is spreading more propaganda referring to a new haredi scandal. Beit Shemesh is already out and now a female soldier was mocked on a haredi bus in Jerusalem. It seems like anyone is suddenly using haredi buses and causing a mess. If any Haredi complains, the person provoking is immediately calling YEDIOT ACHARONOT. 

Strange because hardly anyone before has ever complained. Also strange that have never faced any problems while traveling in pants or walking through Bnei Brak or other haredi areas in pants. I admit that I don’t enter certain areas wearing pants. Those areas with modesty signs. Example: I do not enter the Mea Shearim market or the Batei Ungarin in pants ! 

Furthermore, I won’t stand right in front of the Western Wall (Kotel) while wearing pants. When I come to the Kotel in pants I stand behind the separation between Kotel and tourists. When I come in a skirt, I stand right at the wall praying. Those decisions I have made for myself and try not to hurt anyone else’s feelings. I do respect haredi neighbourhoods and don’t enter the strictest areas in pants. I also respect G – d and don’t approach the Kotel in pants. 

When you go to an opera or theatre performance, you also dress up in a special way. Even the St. Peter’s Church at the Vatican only allows visitors dressed modestly and not wearing a bathing suit or short pants. 

Almost two years ago I wrote an article about an incident happening to me on haredi bus lines. I wasn’t yelled at but just the opposite happened. Unfortunately, not too many media sites report about positive matters.

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