Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How much rent do you pay in Jerusalem / Tel Aviv ?

Photo: Miriam Woelke

On one of my German blogs I have been writing quite a lot about rents in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. How much money one needs to invest and the result was that Jerusalem ist still a lot cheaper than Tel Aviv. I just had a look at Israel's popular site (jobs, buy & rent apartments, car sales, etc.) "YAD 2" and I immediately became jealous. 

I haven't mentioned anything on SHEARIM so far but now you know: I have decided to stay in Tel Aviv and not moving back to Jerusalem. Why ? I guess that my reasons would make up their own article. 
So far, I have been living in a tiny place and soon I am going to search for a bigger apartment. At least 1,5 - 2 rooms. Renting a 2 - room - apartment in Tel Aviv costs a small fortune. Of course, it depends on the area and I am definitely not choosing the most expensive neighbourhood. My favourite neighbourhood is Florentin which is not cheap either. But it is still considered Tel Aviv - South and cheaper than the direct city center or the northern parts. 

A 2 - room - apartment in most parts of Tel Aviv costs you about 3000 Shekels (approx. 790 US $). It would be of an advantage if you could invest 900 - 1000 Dollar (3500 - 3800 Shekels). The rent does not include water, electricity and all kinds of other expenses. 

In Jerusalem you can easily find a 2 - room - apartment for 2500 Shekels (approx. 660 US $). For what I am going to pay for a 2 - room - apartment in Tel Aviv, I would easily find a 3 - room - apartment in Jerusalem. Not in the city center but in most neighbourhoods around. Even in the expensive national religious neighbourhood of Kiryat Moshe. 

My advice is: Don't read all those English sites offering apartments but go to the Hebrew ones ! English speakers are only getting ripped off from other English speakers. You think there are no apartments ? Not when you go to the Hebrew sites and look around. Even plenty of cheaper apartments are available. Here, for instance, are the apartment offers for Jerusalem from today:

However, take into consideration that salaries in Tel Aviv can be much higher than in Jerusalem. Don't rely on the government's published figures of the Israeli average income. I know plenty of people who have to live on much less than statistic figures tell you. 

There are many more jobs in Tel Aviv but the costs of living are much higher than in Jerusalem. Those moving to Tel Aviv from other parts of the country, many times, start working at "Super Sushi" or "Frank's Sausages". Stupid jobs in order to pay the rent. At least until one finds a better job or starts studying. The stupid jobs have the advantage to get to know people and build up a network. Thus you will get to know the cities secrets (You won't find them on Wikipedia !) and hear about other jobs and apartments.  

I am also stuck in one of those stupid jobs but this is going to change to the opposite. On the other hand, my stupid job doesn't want to let me go so easily and is begging me to stay. At least a few times a week if I cannot come every day. 

I don't know yet but its money and all Tel Avivim need money. Despite all costs and running around, at the moment, I am much happier at the coast and cannot imagine moving back to Jerusalem. At least not for the time being. 


  1. These are positive news as somehow I had the impression that IF I wanted to spend 1 experimental year in Israel (TLV), I'd need to fork out some U$ 2500/month for a small place, even in a yearly contract. And I'd rather it came furnished.
    But in that hypothetical case, I would only want to stay whithin the borders of my beloved quadrilatere: Hayarkon, Bograshov, Nordau, Dizengoff.
    Well, just wait till I get some easy cash ... :)
    By the way: working is out of question, only studying would be acceptable.
    Dream on ... it doesn't hurt to.

  2. B"H

    If you are only concentrating on expensive areas in Tel Aviv such as Nordau and Dizengoff, you are going to waste too much rent. Let alone from all the additional costs and the extreme high Arnona (property tax).

    Unfortunately, tourists basically concentrate on those areas instead of looking into different parts of the city where prices are a bit more reasonable.

  3. I need help, I will be arriving in Israel on the 15th,
    I am trying to find a place, I don't speak Hebrew yet. The man I spoke with said it was $500 a month for a shared room. I would have to wait until they returned on the 24th before I could get into the room.