Monday, December 12, 2011

Writer Naomi Ragen guilty of Plagiarism


After four years, the Jerusalem District Court finally finds the American - Israeli writer Naomi Ragen guilty of plagiarism. She apparently copied sentences and paragraphes from the books of the haredi writer Sarah Shapiro who took Mrs Ragen to court. 

I can surely understand Mrs Shapiro, as there is hardly anything worse for a writer when than his content getting stolen. "Copy & Paste" - this is how many other writers work today. The same with journalists and self - appointed researches who only do research by stealing content from others, as they themselves have nothing to offer.

As soon as I take content from others or pictures, I do give the source because it is honest and I wouldn't feel comfortable taking credit for things which are not my own. 

Regarding Naomi Ragen: I think she started quite well with her book "The Sotah" and "Jephte's Daughter" but afterwards she didn't have much more to offer anymore. Also because she is not haredi but national religious and thus she was never able to offer new and updated content. What she needs is another great success and it is her who knows it. Especially now when she has to pay a high fine to Sarah Shapiro and thus needs money.

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