Tuesday, December 27, 2011

President Shimon Peres against anti - haredi Propaganda

President Shimon Peres with a journalist of the haredi news site "Kikar Shabbat".


Even Israel's President Shimon Peres seems to have enough of our media constantly picking on the entire haredi society. 

The majority of Haredim doesn't share such fanatic points of view and would not insist on a gender separation on buses or sidewalks. Those fanatics (Sikarikim) are a small minority and because it is them causing trouble, the entire haredi society is being doomed.

Those causing the most damage due to their anti - haredi hatred reports are the newspaper “Yediot Acharonot” and the TV channel “Arutz 2”. 

I am just asking myself why YEDIOT is now spreading its wild propaganda. First, Tanya Rosenblit is seen as a new feminist "Meshiach" and afterwards, the left - wing media re - discovered the subject "Beit Shemesh".

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