Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Followers of Baba Baruch sent Escort Girls to Rabbi Ifergan


The Hebrew edition of the "Jerusalem Post" is reporting that followers of Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzeira (Baba Baruch) threatened another famous Netivot Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan. Both Rabbis live in the Negev town of Netivot and have been leading a war for many years. See War Background HERE !

Left: Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan (the x - ray Rabbi)

Two Rabbis fighting about money and power in Netivot. The "Baba Baruch" is a son of the famous Baba Sali and Rabbi Ifergan who claims to be able to look through a person and is thus called "The x - ray Rabbi", used to be a student of the Baba Sali.

War has been going on for ages and it is true that more Jews are running to visit the x - ray Rabbi than the grave of the Baba Sali. Just a few years ago, me and a friend did the opposite and we went to the Baba Sali Kever.

Left: Baba Baruch (Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzeira)

Now followers of the Baba Baruch seem to have threatened Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan to leave Netivot. Further, some escort girls were sent to the x - ray in order to damage his reputation. Police are investigating and apparently arrested a few Baba Baruch people. 

The whole war in Netivot has nothing to do with religion and is just about power and money. Rabbi Ifergan has become very associated with Israeli celebrities and the rich giving him donations whereas the Baba Baruch is not that accepted. The good old days of the Baba Sali are gone and it is sad to see this ongoing war of some ordinary Rabbis. 


  1. As a Sephardic Lubavitcher told me some months ago, in Morocco and other countries of the Maghreb, all the "great" rabbis pretend to be baba's.

    There is no baba since the Baba Sali. All those rabbis pretending being baba's are jokers, and it's all about pride, money and power, while the Baba Sali was about humility and bringing people close to the Torah and our Father in Heaven.

    In fact, we can say the same with so many movements of nowadays. Satmar will no longer have a Rebbe like Rebbe Yoelish. Lubavitch will no longer have someone like the Rebbe. The same with Breslovers of the past generations. It has nothing to do with what we have in Breslov now (I'm not talking about the Meah Shearim Breslov).

    These are signs of the lowlesness of our generation. Real rabbis are more and more rare, while charlatan rabbis are becoming more and more common.

  2. B"H

    "Baba Baruch" somehow sounds ridiculous, I have to say. I went to Netivot with a friend and we had a nice encounter with one of Baba Baruch's sons. Afterwards we went to the souvenir shop across and bought a few small bottles of the olive oil blessed by Baba Baruch. In a way I felt a little like in the Vatican where there is holy blessed water or so. :-)

    The good old days of Netivot are over and the Baba Sali is dead. What remains is his grave and it is nice making a visit.

  3. Followers say that baba baruch sent escort in multi located countries,one of the best was from India. Called Delhi Escorts Knight