Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Should the pictures of the massacre of the Fogel family have been published ?


The Israeli government decided to publish the photos of the massacred Fogel family from Itamar. The world has to see what Palestinian terror does and what we Jews have been dealing with for decades or even centuries. Unfortunately, Arab propaganda has been more efficient all over the world than showing the Israeli side.

In 2004, Israel had already decided to publish a video from a bus explosion in Jerusalem. However, the world is not interested in the Israeli side but mostly stands with the Arab terror. Either because many countries, such as Germany, are afraid that Al Khaida is also coming to them or others simply believe the Arab side and regard the Jews as the aggressor. Jewish victims don't have a lobby at the UN. The world is more interested in Charlie Sheen than in Jewish victims. The drug addict and idiot Charlie Sheen sells much better than a stabbed family from Itamar. 

I very much doubt that the publication of the photos of the massacre from Itamar will change the world opinion. Nevertheless, some people may think twice before they say something the next time. Moreover, other countries rather kept quiet instead of immediately condemning the murderous act.  

After publication, a new discussion arouse in Israel. The opposition didn't agree to the publication and thinks the world would believe Israel without violent photos of the victims. Our left - wing opposition keeps on dreaming about friendly Arabs, a teddy baer Hamas and "everything is so great if we just give in to the Arabs". On the other hand, the publication has also caused a halachic discussion. There are some rabbinic opinions that it was the right act publishing the photos but others (e.g. Yehudah Meshi Zahav) claiming that it is against Halacha, as the honour of a dead body is being violated.  

The haredi website KIKAR SHABBAT published a video showing ZAKA taking care of the dead bodies inside the house of the Fogel family:

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