Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where are the skeletons of the generation dying in Noach's Flood ?

"Noach's Ark was not a ship, as you see it on many pictures or in movies but shaped like a box.


Should Israel not be full of skeletons of Noach’s Generation dying in the
Flood (Mabul) ? If the Flood really took place in Israel, archaeologists should find enough evidence as well as skeletons of those people who died. Why is this not the case and no one has everdug out anything from the days of Noach ?

The Gemara (rabbinic discussion) in the Talmud Tractate Zevachim 113a discusses the question whether the Mabul took place in Israel, elsewhere (e.g. Syria or Iraq) or elsewhere AND Israel. Did the water cover our entire planet or only the Middle East ?

As usual the Gemara lists us plenty of responses and opinions. When we are taking into consideration that, after the Mabul, the human DNA, the climate or nature changed, than it is obvious that the Flood took place in Israel. Commentators and the Talmud tell us that the “Hot Springs” in Tiberias originate in Noach’s Mabul. All those people didn’t just drown in the water but they burnt to death. As the Talmud Sanhedrin teaches, the earth opened up and boiling hot water came out burning the entire population.

G – d didn’t only save Noach and his family but also the fish (Talmud Zevachim 113). Why the fish ? Because the fish didn’t participate in the sexual perversion, as most of the other animals did. In those days women became pregnant when they had sex with animals. You can imagine how those creatures looked ! Furthermore, animals had sex with each other and not only with its own species. A cat had sex with a peacock or a dog with a donkey. G – d’s entire creation was messed up and I assume (in Talmud Sanhedrin 108 the reason for the Flood is thievery) that this was the real reason for the Mabul: A messed up creation and who knows what would have happened to the whole planet. After the Flood, G – d changed the human DNA, nature as well as the climate. From now on it was impossible that woman could get pregnant from an animal.

However, the fish didn’t participate and G – d decided to save them. Before the Mabul started, the fish escaped into different waters. But what happened to the skeletons of the people ? Talmud Zevachim 113b teaches that the dead can be found in a place called SHINAR (in Babylon). Shinar is the place where 340 years later, Nimrod and his followers were building the Tower (Migdal Bavel). It also says in Zevachim that whoever eats from the earth of Babylon (Iraq) it is as if he is eating his ancestors.

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