Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How can I protect myself from "Ayin HaRah - Evil Eye" ?

The HAND: Superstition or protection against the EVIL EYE ?


The Gemara (rabbinic discussions) in the Talmud Tractate Berachot 55b teaches a rather strange suggestion: We can protect ourselves from “Ayin HaRah – the Evil Eye” when we hold our thumbs in the opposite hands or gaze at our nostrils. 

What is “Ayin HaRah” and how can we protect ourselves from it ?

Someone shouldn’t become arrogant and show his possessions to his whole environment. This may cause the jealousy of others and the person showing of with his wealth may cause that G – d is taking away the possessions from him in order to give them to other people. 

When other people are jealous and give you the “Evil Eye” then hold your thumbs in the opposite hands. Then the “Ayin HaRah” may not effect you. Furthermore, tell yourself not to be arrogant and accept the thought that it was G – d giving you everything. G – d provided you with money or beauty. Tell yourself that G – d gave it to YOU and no one else, as YOU have a special task in life using these “tools”. All of us have a special task in life and G – d provides us with the necessary tools in order to be able to reach our G – dgiven goal in life. However, refrain from showing off !

The question is how can you protect yourself from giving another person the “Evil Eye” ? By looking at your left nostril. The left nostril is the closest organ next to your eye and when you feel that you are becoming jealous of something, instead of looking at the object of your desire, gaze at your left nostril. LEFT because your right nostril represents your wealth and honour.

That’s a nice idea and I will definitely try it although I am not sure whether I succeed seeing my nostril. 


"Ayin HaRa - Evil Eye"


  1. What is meant by holding your thumbs in the opposite hands?

  2. B"H

    Good question and I tried it out. Make two fists and then you are able to hold your thumbs in the opposite hands.