Saturday, March 26, 2011

Killed woman in Jerusalem blast was Evangelical Christian


Chas veChalilah, I am not saying that anyone deserves death but I have to mention that the killed woman in the last Jerusalem blast, Mary Jane Gardner, was an Evangelical Christian. The task of any Evangelical Christian is (even Rabbi Tuvia Singer claims it) prostelyzing Jews. Mary Jane Gardner had been in Israel for a few months in order to study Hebrew. She wanted to translate the Tanach in her own way and we can all imagine what way that would have been.


  1. RIGHT...but on the other hand, unlike another religion, Judaism forbids to rejoice of the fall of our ennemies.

  2. B"H

    I am not rejoicing but I think people should know. Mary Jane Gardner is the second missionary killed by Arabs, as just a few months ago, another missionary woman was killed near Beit Shemesh by Arabs.

  3. May I notice the following: I was in Israel last weak with a group of mainly evangelical christians. I am catholic myselfe. They had no interest at all to make any Jew into anything. They were talking with one elderly jewish woman whose parents where killed in the holocaust. It was the guide who organized this meeting. The group itself hadn´t asked for it. (But it was interesting by the way.) We learned a lot about why Jews do certain things and wear certain clothes. It is of course interesting for us christians becouse Jesus was a Jew.

    The next point: You believe God determines who is killed...
    Please compare: there where 2 evangelical christian women killed....many Jews in terror attacks and millions in the holocaust.
    Was this realy God´s will?

    The new testament says in John 8:44 that "Satan was a murderer from the beginning"

  4. B"H

    I didn't intend saying that it is good that those women were killed. It was a tragic incident and another murder in Israel carried out by Palestinians.

    In Judaism we believe that EVERYTHING happening in this world is G - d's will, as He created the entire universe. There is nothing taking place without G - d making the decision !

    Furthermore, in Judaism we have a total different concept about evil and Satan. Satan is not an independent entity but a side also created by G - d in order to provide humanity with a free will.