Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tehillim (Psalms) Division


Judaism divided the “Sefer Tehillim” (Book of Psalms) into seven weekdays. Meaning that each day of the week has its own amount of Psalms. For example, on Sundays we read Psalms 1 – 29. On Mondays we read Psalms 30 – 50, on Tuesdays 51 – 72, On Wednesdays Psalms 73 – 89, on Thursdays 90 – 106, on Fridays 107 – 119 and on Shabbat 120 – 150.

However, there are also those Jews who pray their firm amount of Tehillim over each day of the JEWISH month. Moreover, on every Shabbat Parasha, we read certain Tehillim as well as on Jewish holidays.

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