Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terror is back in Jerusalem


Not that terror had ever vanished. Especially in Jerusalem it is just a matter of time when there will be another bomb attack or murder carried out by Palestinians. "Pigua" - one of the most frightening words in the Hebrew language and as soon as someone says it, the response is just "WHERE ?"

In the 90ies and in 2001 - 2002, Israelis just used to ask WHERE and WHICH BUS ? The city and the bus number in order to start thinking whether they know anyone at that particular location who could have been injured. 

This morning, GRAD rockets where shot from Gaza onto Beersheva. In the afternoon, a bomb blew up between Jerusalem's Central Bus Station and the International Convention Center (Binyane'i HaUma). One 60 - year - old woman died and approx. 50 people were injured.  

Those of you who know Jerusalem: It happened at the bus stops where the buses to Givat Sha'ul, Har Nof, Mevasseret Zion and Zfat leave. The no. 74 bus was damaged and I assume that many Haredim are among the injured, as the bus's final destination is the haredi neighbourhood "Har Nof". 

The goal of the Palestinians is very obvious: 
The are looking for another war with Israel ! 

All photos you can see HERE  !

Further photos HERE !

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