Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Haredim like coming to Tel Aviv and enjoy Life

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Despite all gossip about Tel Aviv and looking down on it, as the city is Israel's center of Jewish secularism, various Haredim like to come here and enjoy life. 

"Enjoying Life" may sound negative and people usually think of leaving the Derech. Tel Aviv and enjoying life ? Can anything religious be involved ? Probably not. 

Not only since the old times of "Allenby 40" Haredim like to come to Tel Aviv and "live". Until today, many of them come, go to the regular beach or just walk around. There are times when every human being has to go out and LIVE. Stop working, relax and just go out into nature and think about something else. Clean out the mind and feel that you are actually live. 

In places like Bnei Brak and other haredi centers it is hard to do so. Of course, there are those claiming that they can do it by studying Torah. Nevertheless, you have to understand one thing: G - d created us in order to enjoy His Creation. There is nothing bad about enjoying and feeling alive. I find it rather sad that quite a few Bnei Brak Haredim have to come to Tel Aviv in order to feel alive. Once a week, once a month. Feeling alive without the strict society participating, but only being oneself.

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