Saturday, March 19, 2011

Behind the Mask


The name of G – d does not appear once in the entire “Megillath Esther – Book of Esther” and we may get the impression that it was all Esther and Mordechai saving the Jews in those days. The “Megillah” seems to be rather secret and each of the persons is acting in a sometimes rather strange and hidden way. On the other hand, we do suspect G – d standing behind all this including the miracles. 

G – d is not acting openly on a daily basis and most times we don’t even suspect Him behind an incident happening to us. He acts behind a mask and the “miracle” is not carried out as a public matter. The same happened in the “Book of Esther” where all incidents seem to be a coincidence. Mordechai saving the king and the king going through the records and discovering Mordechai’s involvement.

When G – d is ruling His world and our daily lives, He does not see a need in acting openly but does it in many hidden ways we don’t even notice. We should learn to look behind the mask and appreciate everything positive happening to us.

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