Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Education Ministry Inspectors at the MIR Yeshiva


This morning, inspectors (Pakachim) from Israel's Ministry of Education arrived at the MIR Yeshiva in Jerusalem in order to check whether all Yeshiva students who refused to go to the army because they are enrolled in a Yeshiva, are really showing up for the daily Shiurim. Normally, the army exempts those Haredim from the regular army duty. Many Haredim don't lie about their studies but there are some who do. The latter claim to study but they go to work and never show up at any Yeshiva. 

This morning, the Ministry of Education checked out several thousand students of the MIR Yeshiva but not only them. For the past few weeks, many haredi study institutions have undergone the same official procedures whether the exempt students show up on a regular basis or just lied in order to get escape the army service.

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  1. I have two question on the matter:

    1) I understand the country is always at war or on the edge of war, but is it fair to be obliged to do military service? Many people would like to and many other wouldn't. Let's give freedom of choice to everyone. It's stated in the Torah that those who are fearful MUST stay home and not go on the battle front, because they fearful attitude can be contagious to others. With military service, you are more motivated when you do it by choice. If not, it will be a disservice done to the country, the army and to the person itself.

    2) I wonder why is it that they just began their inspection NOW, as if it wasn't known that they were plenty of fake bachurim who don't study but who just want to avoid something they fear and don't want to do.

    That situation has been created by the state with their stubbornness to maintain obligatory military service (as if they didn't have enough volontaries).

    Moreover, the army or the battle front is not a place for a religious Jew, whatever the country (even if they are more and more religious units in the Israeli army). On the other hand, I agree that Charedim shouldn't live like parasite and be productive wherever the country they live in. We are told in the Talmud that most Rabbis were involved in a job (carpenter, architect, teacher, etc.)

    But the state shouldn't maintain their policy of obligatory military service. I'm quite sure that without that law, many charedim would have been involved with the society long ago.

  2. B"H

    The government argues that there is the haredi unit "Nachal HaCharedi". However, when you look at the Nachal today, it is mostly taken over by national religious soldiers and I don't understand why they were accepted into this unit. Thus, the unit has changed and a Haredi cannot really participate. Just look at the Hechsher which is, according to haredi condition, much "less".

    I can say that for the past months, a huge wave of hatred against haredi society has been going around in Israel. Left - wing papers just jump on everything against Haredim and the foreign press, as the German "Der Spiegel" takes over the content. And you can imagine how it looks when German take left - wing content from Israel and turn it over into their ideology.

    In fact, the German "Der Spiegel" is one of the worst anti - Israel and anti - Semitic magazines in the world.