Sunday, March 13, 2011

Itamar Terror Victims used to live in Gush Katif


ARUTZ 7 reports that Rabbi Udi Fogel and his wife Ruth as well as their six children used to live in Gush Katif until Ariel Sharon got his disastrous idea of handing over Gush Katif to the Palestinians in Gaza. The result came as expected: The Hamas took over the area and has been shooting missiles onto Israeli territory since.

The Fogel family was among those who had to leave Gush Katif and settled in the Shomron (Samaria). The following video shows an interview with the family. The video was made about a year ago. 

Last Friday, Parashat Vayikra, five family members were stabbed by at least one Palestinian terrorist. Today, the victims were buried

I usually don't publish any violent pictures on my blogs. However, ARUTZ 7 published some of photos of the killed victims:


  1. How can we call those Arabs who committed that atrocity? They cannot be called "human", it would be an insult to G-d. They cannot be called "animals", it would be an insult to the creation. Those guys are subhumans. And after that, the Israeli gov't want to negociate??!!

    Yes, the problem is negociation. The Rebbe made it clear on many occasion that the only answer those subhumans understand is when Tzahal is strong and the gov't doesn't negociate. They know that when Israel is strong on its position, they keep quiet, because they know that if they dare doing something, there would be a strong answer from the other side. BUT, when they hear that Israel is willing to negociate and to disengage from some territories, the Rebbe said that they become excited because they realize that Israel is weak, so they know thta if they set up a terror compaign on the country, Israel will give up some territorial claims. This is what they did to obtain Gaza. And this is what they're doing to obtain the region of Judea-Samaria. They are going to multiply their attacks till the Israeli gov't will proclaim, "Enough is enough, we don't want any victim. You're right, we will give it to you." It's an error and suffice to see what happen after the disengagement from Gaza. I don't understand how is it that the Israeli gov't is so blind. In their weakness and willingness to please the US and the UN, they are strenghtening the ennemy. And this was what the Rebbe said. It is NOT a question of Zionism or supporting Zionism, it is a question of Pikuach Nefesh. How can you negociate with people who are thirsty of Jewish blood?? If Israel stops the negociation and treats those subhumans as they are worth to, you will see that they will keep quiet for a long moment.

    While we are weeping over the five slain Israelis, do you know what? Those subhumans are rejoicing and dancing! And I never understood how they could dance and be glad when one of them commit a suicide bomb attack! It says it all about who they are. Humans want to live. Animals do whatever they can to survive. But those subhumans don't know what the word "life" means. Instead, they believe in 7 plus virgin awaiting them in Paradise. There is no word to describe them and to convey our feeling about what they did. May Eliyahu HaNovi comes very soon to answer our questions.

  2. B"H

    I totally agree with the Rebbe but, unfortunately, we have a Prime Minister who is afraid of Obama. In today's Israeli online news we read that, despite the murder in Itamar, Obama wants the Jews to give up territory.

    I cannot believe the stupidity of the nations: How can anyone believe in peace when the Arabs always turn around and murder more Jews ? The only answer Arabs understand is a strong Israel with an army acting.

  3. The following was reported:

    Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu arrived at the house of the mourners immediately after the huge funeral procession in Jerusalem. He waited for over an hour in their house, hoping that good news would soothe their huge loss.

    Netanyahu told the family, “They shoot, and we build.” Referring to Jewish tradition, he said, “They say the land of Israel is built with hardship. But we did not realize the suffering would be this great.”

    The prime minister said that he had given the go-ahead for hundreds of new housing units in Israel's West Bank.

    But as he came closer to the mourners, the silence in the room was broken by the crying voice of 12-year-old Tamar Fogel, who lost her parents and three sibling in Shabbos' brutal terrorist attack. "Can't you overcome them?!" She cried as she rests her head on her grandmother's shoulder, breaking down in relentless sobbing. "What, are you afraid of America?!"

    Netanyahu kept his composure, but seemed moved by the words of this innocent orphan who saw her family members lying dead in pools of their own blood.

    He said, “This evil act has caused all of us to say, 'Enough.' The security forces will do everything they can to find the murderers, and we will find them.”