Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu's Response to the Murder of the Fogel Family


  1. Blablablabla....

    This guy is a political failure. The biggest liar Israel has never known. Every time he promises something, you know that it's nothing but a political move and a lie. Look at all his "promises" since the first time he was elected. What did he achieve? NOTHING, NADA.

    I generally avoid commenting on Israeli politics, but people should know who this guy is. Does he forget that his own brother was killed by terrorists? If my brother was killed by terrorists, I can tell you that I woudl have knwon long ago how to treat those "Palestinian" subhuman terrorists.

  2. B"H

    Netanyahu somehow has an opinion but not the guts to turn it into reality. As soon as Obama is calling, Netanyahu is crawling on the floor. What the PM basically intends is keeping his job because he knows that we won't re - elect him.