Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read Tehillim (Psalms) !

Photo: Miriam Woelke

"When you have problems or are in trouble, read Tehillim (Psalms). Many of them were written by David HaMelech (King David) and he definitely used to be in trouble. However, David never gave up and due to his love to G - d, he composed many Psalms". 

Years ago, I heard this saying plenty of times and as I was in trouble, I started reading Tehillim. The truth is that this didn't help me at all. I thought that David had his problems and I have my own. Nice that he wrote some Tehillim about it and asked G - d for forgiveness or thanked Him. Great but what does this have to do with me ? I had my own doubts and troubles and thus wanted to search for my own words and solutions. David had his and I had mine. Why should I read David's issues 
and "maybe - solutions" ?

Only some years later I realized that David HaMelech, many times, writes in general and is even trying to give advice. As a matter of fact, we can learn a lot from the Tehillim content but probably not the way religious people like to read them today. They seem to be in a rush without analyzing and internalizing what they are reading. 

Who finished a whole Book of Tehillim on Shabbat, creates an angel. I have never created and angel this way because I read and analyze what I read. Meaning, I try to understand and get something out of it. And I don't even feel bad about not having created an angel.:-)


  1. I heard something very good, that if one has a sickness or a disease, he should imagine the disease as the enemy that is pursuing Dovid in Tehillim, and follow the path of Tehillim - supplicating to Hashem as Dovid did - in order to overcome this enemy.

  2. B"H

    That's a nice idea and I hadn't heard about it so far. :-)