Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shushan Purim in Jerusalem

The "Mishkenot HaRoim" in Mea Shearim on Purim 2008.


If everything is working out, I am going to Jerusalem for Shushan Purim on 21st March. It is not that easy for me leaving Tel Aviv due to work. Nevertheless, if I am going to Jerusalem, I will be going to the Tishes in Mea Shearim and try making photos. It may be easier taking photos than on other days during the year, as everyone is drunk anyway. 

However, I suppose that the Toldot Aharon as well as the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak may not let in strangers to their celebrations. Last Sukkot, both group introduced restrictions on the Ezrat Nashim (women's side) and only members were allowed in due to limited space. Furthermore, both chassidic groups run the most popular Tishes in Mea Shearim.

Another loaded Tish on holidays is the one run by the Karlin - Stoliner Rebbe. Actually I am planning visits at smaller groups and those who usually don't have too many visitors. This may be more efficient and interesting than getting half killed by the crowd in Stolin. :-)

Unfortunately, I cannot stay for too long, as I have to catch a bus back to Tel Aviv.


Purim 5770 / 2010 in Mea Shearim

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