Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neturei Karta versus Cosmetics


In my opinion, the Neturei Karta should not receive any attention. Nevertheless, I am writing about the Neturei Karta craziness in brief, as I want to point out their Sikarikim - Behaviour.

The haredi site KIKAR SHABBAT is reporting about an incident taking place in the Ge'ulah (next to Mea Shearim / Jerusalem) neighbourhood. Someone, obviously the NK, sprayed the word "Pritzut - Prostitution" on a shopwindow belonging to a haredi cosmetic store. 

Haredi women, even women in Mea Shearim, love to use cosmetics. Make - up or lipstick. But the Neturei Karta only wants to see women as an ugly housewife or peferrably "locked up".


  1. Another good example that shows how those guys are NUTS.

    If they could show us ONE single example in the Torah that women should look ugly...

    Quite the contrary, ALL our Matriarchs are described as being beautiful (concerning Leah, the meforshim say that when the Torah says that "her eyes were weak", it was because she wept a lot when it was announced to her that she would marry the wicked Esav, but it had nothing to do with a physical defect). Moreover, the Halacha says that a woman should care about what she wear and how she looks, because she always needs to be attractive and pleasurable for her husband (the same with a man; he should try to look attractive for her).

    Where come such hate and kanaus of the NK? They are the laughingstock of the Orthodox world.

    It gives me headaches when I try to figure out their philosophy.

    There are nothing but NUTS. If they want ugly women, so be it, but they should learn to leave us alone. To be Charedi is NOT synonymous of being a Taliban or an Iranian Mullah.

    Judaism has proven that Jews are ahead of their time on many points. Those nuts want us back to the Stone Age.

  2. B"H

    I just hate when chassidic women stand next to me at a Tish and smell because they don't use parfume or deodorant.:-)

  3. Why are you SO SURE that it's NK? Or are you just looking for someone EXTREME to blame?

  4. By the way i just read the article and if I read it correctly it says that NK did NOT do the graffiti.

  5. B"H

    The text says that the NK did it but not which branch of the two existing in Mea Shearim. It is not the first time that such incidents are happening and, at the moment, the NK branch around Yoelish Kroisz is quite active. On the one hand, Kroisz is allowing himself to get interviewed by secular Jews or certain TV stations, on the other hand, he is playing a fanatic. If you know the situation in Mea Shearim then you should be aware of the fact that Kroisz and his group is anything but popular due to their actions.