Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mazze Baking in Kfar Chabad


All of us are busy planning our Purim celebrations but others keep focusing on the near future: One month after Purim, we celebrate Pessach and many Jewish households are going to start their Pessach cleaning right after Purim. 

Kfar Chabad has been preparing for Pessach by baking Mazzot:

All photos HERE !


  1. In fact, most Lubavitcher I know (me included) have their home almost Kosher L'Pessach in Adar, and they don't wait the day after Purim to start the preparation.

    All the rooms are rendered Chometz-free in Adar, except the kitchen and the clothes.

    It is not a minhag, it is just to spare time.

  2. B"H

    I know how Lubavitch cleans for Pessach and I don't envy any Chabadnik.:-)