Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food, Food, Food


Israelis love food and enjoy talking about out.
"Have you already eaten ?" many Sephardic Jews constantly ask and if you are embarrassed and answer with "No", immediately a full plate is rolling upon you.
Sepharadim think that Ashkenazic Jews are cold and tight - fisted. Especially with food and they make jokes about how once they went to an Ashkenazic family for Shabbat and the only thing they got was a plate with Kugel (Shabbat pastry) and some chicken. A quantity you could hardly see on the plate.
If you come to Israel and you are looking for good food and a full plate, go to the Kurdish, Jews from Irak or Morocco !

Here is a variety of Israel's most popular food: French Fries  and Shnitzel

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