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The three Doors


Thousands of foreign workers live in Israel today. Philippinas work as caregivers with the elderly, the Chinese work in construction, Thailandis work in agriculture, etc. The Israeli problem is that most Israelis, even the uneducated, don't want to work in those fields anymore. The good old days of the brave "Chalutzim - Pioneers" are gone.
In the past, Arabs took over construction and agricultural jobs but then the Intifada began. Suddenly the Arabs couldn't come to Israel anymore and Israel, on the other hand, had a new idea: Importing foreign workers from all over the world. They are cheaper than their Palestinian counterparts and have less rights.

In the past years, Israel has been deporting thousands of illegal foreign workers. Now the government is planning to do the same but a new problem has come up: The foreign workers got married among each other and have children. Children who were born in Israel and speak Hebrew. Although being here illegally, the foreign workers are planning on staying and becoming Israeli citizens.

In the past days, liberal and left - wing Israelis have started a campaign for the foreign workers and their children. No deportation but remaining in Israel. According to the Israeli press, many American Jews support the foreign workers and their families.
What you don't see and know is the daily life. The reality of foreign workers in Israel and the conflicts they cause. Let alone the rising crime rate and the import of idol - worship.
Foreign workers should not have any right to stay in Israel and the goverment should deport all those family as long as there is time. Once the left is gaining the stay of 100,000 foreign workers in Israel, many more will be coming and demanding their rights.
Thousands of Africans have been infiltrating into our country and when you pass certain areas in Tel Aviv by night, you think that you are in Nigeria or in the Far East.

No other country is opening the doors to illegal workers and all the refugees of the world. Especially Israel has to preserve its Jewishness and not suffering from the new built churches of the Philippinas around Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station.

Here is a story about the reality and daily life around Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. Whoever is supporting the stay of foreign workers in Israel, should move to the Central Bus Station for one week. Live their for a few days and especially nights and afterwards we will see if you are still favouring those illegals.

The Three Doors

The Tel Aviv neighbourhood Neve Sheanan has been neglected as long as I can remember. And this means at least since 1987. Then the center of the neighbourhood used to be Tel Aviv's old Central Bus Station surrounded by all kinds of cheap stores. The inhabitants used to follow an old tradition of buying new shoes in Neve Sheanan. Today, you almost need some courage to go to Neve Sheanan, especially in the dark. The neighbourhood has become the ghetto of Tel Aviv's foreign workers. Most of them are from the Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Nepal, China or Russian and the majority is illegal. Hardly any ordinary inhabitant is coming to the area; even if the goods are cheap.

Tel Aviv doesn't want all those foreign workers in other neighbourhoods and it looks like they are all being dumped into this one particular run down crime and druggy neighbourhood. Russian and Israeli prostitutes, drunk and with each other fighting Sudanese; sometimes it gives the impression that all the "dirt" on this planet has been dumped around the new Central Bus Station and the Levinsky Park. The only time when the illegal workers just disappear is when the immigration police (Oz) is rolling in to catch everyone illegal walking outside. Then you only see the Israeli prostitutes standing around with a careless look in their eyes.

Photo above: Africans in the Levinsky Park

One evening about three weeks ago, I arrived at the new Central Bus Station from Jerusalem. It was 9pm and pitchdark. The bus station had a bomb alarm and all people had to leave. Quite a mess; especially on a Thursday night when thousands of people want to travel somewhere for Shabbat.

I was not in the mood to wait until the alarm is over because I didn't know when it had begun. In case, the alarm had just been given, it may take ages. Especially when the Chablan (bomb expert) decided to let the robot check the cause of the alarm: an abandoned bag or piece of luggage. This small robot always reminds me of Luke Skywalker's robot friend in "Star Wars".
I left the bus station and walked through the Levinsky Park right across in order to get to a Sherut (taxi with a few passengers) stop. A friend of mine always warns me not to go through the Levinsky Park where all the Africans and drug addicts hang around. The park, however, is located between the new Central Bus Station and a building with the non – kosher store "Kingdom of Pork"; right around the corner is the red – light district.

"The Kingdom of Pork" store near the Central Bus Station

Despite all warnings I did cross the park where drugs are being sold and the Philippinos hold up their barbecues. I was so much into my own thoughts that I first didn't notice what is going on around me. Nothing exciting in the park but, right across, in front of the "Kingdom of Pork" building, two or three Africans walked right towards me. They obviously had just left the building and a fat Russian prostitute was angrily running after them. Only then I noticed the three doors at the side of the building. In the two first doors, a prostitute was standing as a kind of bouncer. Not that the two ladies could be too demanding towards their customers. What kind of people can you expect in such an area ?

The three Africans walked right next to me into the second door and seemed to have escaped from the first fat Russian lady. The second door, however, was "guarded" by an Israeli prostitute in her forties. While passing, I only noticed her eyes with this strange welcoming look. The Africans didn't even look at her once but she was welcoming them with her eyes. Just like a business woman while meeting a business partner at a fancy hotel lunch.

I continued walking to the Sherut taxi stop but couldn't forget the "welcoming look". Why did she do that ? Because it is her job ? But even if, nobody has to have such a look in the eyes because of some customers going to a prostitute.
Later on, someone told me that the woman may have been on drugs but can this be the reason for the welcoming look ?

Since I told the story to my friend, I even have to listen to further warnings. Now it is not only the park but also the doors.

Last Thursday night, I crossed the area on the public bus and noticed that the doors were still closed.

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