Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The "abusive" Mea Shearim Mother is unable to Walk

Photo: Kikar.Net


The haredi press is reporting that the accused Mea Shearim mother is unable to move her legs. It is unclear if this happened due to her giving birth or due to all the excitement about her trial.

However, "Ladaat.Net" is publishing the latest Pashkevili about her and how the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital has not changed its "cruel" behaviour towards the case.

I don't know what to think anymore about the whole case. It got far too confusing !


  1. As for Magen David Adom bringing patients to Hadassah, there is a duty roster for different emergency cased depending on the medical specialty involved. You can find it in your newspaper.

    In Jerusalem, only Hadassah Ein Karem has a department of Neurosurgery or Hand Surgery, and they are the only ones with a full burn unit.

    Less than a month ago, I saw the much maligned Dr Mickey Weintraub moving heaven and earth to arrange an emergency surgical biopsy on a Friday, for a young haredi boy with a mysterious mass growing in his chest pressing on his airway. The boy's Yiddish-speaking parents seemed to have no problem accepting help from Dr. Weintraub or Hadassah.

    But I think people should get medical help where they think it is best, and believe me, Hadassah Medical Organization will manage just fine without individuals who do not want their help.

  2. B"H

    A few weeks ago, even the head of the Edah HaCharedit, Rabbi Tuvia Weiss, went to Hadassah for a medical check.

    I think that everyone should go to any hospital providing help.

  3. And what is HaShem telling us in the case with the accused Mea Shearim mother? What is the Hareidi press saying about that?

  4. not a very good blur job on that photo. very recognizable.

  5. B"H

    There was a time in summer when the mother showed her face on purpose. Sometimes she want to be recognized and then she doesn't.

    However, I think I have seen her at former Toldot Aharon Tishes.

    Basically the haredi world says that the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital started all the fuss with an innocent haredi mother.
    She came with her sick son to the hospital, the hospital gave him cancer treatment, he lost weight and then the hospital didn't admit the mistake for treating him wrong. The mother threatened them to go to the police and the hospital accused the mother of child abuse.

    Nevertheless, if you look at the comments on haredi sites, many Haredim consider the mother as guilty. There are two opinions but I haven't read any official haredi article accusing her but only reports about facts.

  6. Hadassah never gave him "cancer treatment". This whole myth arose because the child was hospitalized in the Dept of Hemato-Oncology, which does treat certain types of leukemias, etc, but ALSO diagnoses and treats metabolic diseases. According to reports the mother gave the doctors and the evident symptoms, there was a distinct possibility of a certain metabolic disorder.

    Chemotherapy, by the way, is not only for treating cancer. It is a method of killing off rapidly-reproducing cells that are causing the body harm. Cancer cells reproduce rapidly and cause harm; there are other illnesses with pathological cellular processes which may be treated with chemotherapy.

    What is Hashem telling us through this case? Maybe that we need to be more sensitive to signs of stress and burnout in young mothers and in all our loved ones and community members. The best and most effective intervention is pro-active and supportive. Especially in a close-knit community like Toldos Aharon, this should have been noticed sooner. These people are not idiots and I would be very surprised if no one around Yenta suspected that something was wrong with the maternal-child diad.

    Those of us who took Sociology 101 will remember the notorious case of Kitty Genovese, almost 50 years ago in New York. Genovese was attacked, raped, and stabbed, and in spite of her screams, no one intervened or even called the police. Everybody assumed someone else was going to take care of it, and no one wanted to get involved.

    We ARE our brother's keepers, and this is not only, or even primarily, the business of the social welfare system.

  7. B"H

    My general opinion is that many frum Jews are rushed into marriages and having children. The earlier and the more the better.
    There is no space for a mother having maybe psychological problems. A woman has to marry and bare children. This is her duty in society and there is enough pressure on her.

    Who cares how the children are being raised ? The main issue is that she has a few.

    I think that Toldot Aharon should provide a psychologist who looks deeper into the problems of the Markovitch family.