Thursday, December 10, 2009

Destroying Christian Missionary Propaganda


As everyone knows, Halacha commands us Jews to destroy Christian missionary propaganda / handouts / material. We can either rip it apart or burn it.

Jews abroad may think that Israel is such a holy place where there is anything around but no Christian missionaries. Those only exist in the US or elsewhere in the world.
If you think so, I have bad news for you: Christian missionaries are very active in Israel. Literally in the most evil way in order to convince Jews following false Christian doctrines and idol - worship.

I am taking this Halacha very seriously and have already destroyed countless New Testaments. Yes, I will go to hell according to Christian theology but rather being in hell than seeing evil Christian missionaries around missionizing Jews.

Last week it happened again. At a public place in Tel Aviv, I saw a New Testament (in Hebrew) laying out. I immediately threw it very deep into the trash but have to admit that if the NT had been in English, I may have not thrown it away. Thinking of some Christian tourists passing by who want to read it. However, the NT was in Hebrew and this showed me the real purpose of it: Missionizing Israeli Jews !
Thus I threw it away.

I have done this with quite a few NTs before.
Example: Jerusalem's Laundry Place in Shammai Street.

Last night, two American missionaries were walking around downtown Tel Aviv and handing out little comic books. I did not take one but a Jew from South Africa did. The young tourist was quite confused by all those strange looking comics and threw it into the garbage. I picked it up, just to confirm my suspicion. And here we go: The comics first showed all kinds of suffering of the Jewish people. The Jews in Egypt, the Middle Ages and the church where left out but Hitler appeared. Guess what the last page of the comic book showed: Of course the Jewish "salvation". Mr. J. was right there on the cross and hopefully is staying there.

Sorry J., but you deadly failed !
A dead Jew on a cross cannot be G - d.


  1. See South Africans are turned off to such foolishness.
    One should try and get their pamphlets and burn them, means they have less money to use towards Jews.

  2. It may interest you to know that many of the Republicans/conservative leaders are evangelicals. These Christians support such groups as j4j and messianic jews. Sarah Palin's church has hosted the founders of these groups and she seems to support their goals.

  3. B"H

    @ Cholentpot

    The South African didnt understand what it was and threw it into the garbage. He had no idea and maybe thought it was a faked Micky Mouse.
    I pulled it out of the garbage, looked at it, saw J. and ripped it apart.

    The comic was really bad though.

    @ Shira

    American Christian missionary organizations like, for instance, the Evangelists, have millions of Dollars put into missionary purposes in Israel. Among others they support the Netanyahu government financially. Furthermore, they give money to settlements or even to the Jewish Agency and Nefesh be'Nefesh.
    The Evangelist goal is to bring all Jews to Israel, convert them here to Christianity and thus cause a second coming of J.

    Sounds stupid but they believe it would work.:-)