Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Truth - Emet


In a chassidic sense, "Truth - Emet" means a total sincere devotion to G - d. Serving Him sincerely without any external selfish motives. The idea of directing the mind solely to G - d while studying Torah and doing Mitzvot. Falsehood is spiritual death, but G - d is present when truth is present.

Chassidut Gur took over the Peshis'cha as well as the Kotzker ideology and especially the Kotzker Rebbe, emphasized the concept of truth.

How much I wish that today's reality would show more truth. Nowadays, too many Rabbis are just running after fame in order to satisfy their urge for acceptance. Today, too many Rebbes as well as the Rabbis of the litvishe world in Israel deal with politics and thus forget the absolut devotion to G - d.


"The Encyclopedia of Hasidim"
by Tzvi M. Rabinowicz

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