Sunday, December 13, 2009

The secret life of RUTH BLAU

By Rachel Ginsberg

It looks like the author Rachel Ginsberg did a good job analyzing the former Neturei Karta head, Rabbi Amram Blau, as well as his later wife (he married her in 1965), the French convert Ruth Ben - David. Ruth passed away at the age of 80 in 2000.

Ruth had a son called CLAUDE whose name was changed into Uriel after the conversion to Judaism.
Indeed, I did not know that !

Even before Ruth Ben - David became famous due to the marriage with Rabbi Blau, she already had a reputation. For the State of Israel, not really the best, as she took the famous child Yossele Schuchmacher to the US. Yossele was "kidnapped" by his grandparents (Breslover Chassidim from Mea Shearim) because his parents wanted to live secular. The "Yossele case" was extremely famous in Israel in the 50ies.
There is a book written in Hebrew about the case. However, it was written by a former Mossad head, Isser Harel, and you can imagine that it mostly gives you a one - sided opinion.

The Wikipedia calls Yossele's last name "Schumacher" which is a mistake ! His real family name was "SCHUCHMACHER" !

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