Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Franz Rosenzweig

Judaism is not the acceptance of a doctrine, of a religion and its rituals. It is the experience of a pre-existent reality, which has its ultimate basis in Israel's "being with the Father", in the election of Israel. There may be times when this reality is obscured by the manifold and colorful reality of the nations among whom the Jew lives. But even hidden, it remains real and mysteriously active, and there may come a time when the blessed gift, the heavy burden of its confirmation, is bestowed upon those born into it.
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I found two old pictures of the German Jewish thinker Franz Rosenzweig,1887 - 1929, on the site of the Chadrei HaCharedim.

For seven years, Franz Rosenzweig was completely paralyzed but his wife Edith Hahn was able to read his thoughts and wrote everything down he transmitted to her.

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