Monday, December 28, 2009

Streimel Exchange in Belz

The Belzer Rebbe changed his Kolpik Streimel into the traditional Polish Streimel called "Spodik" (see Chassidut Gur or Alexander). The first time the Rebbe appearing in the new Streimel style was during Chanukkah.

The difference between the two Streimels is the origin of the fur from different animals.
As if a Streimel is that important ...


  1. actually if you had read this past weeks Mishpacho magazine you would have had your explanation.
    Chassidim wear the shtriemel on Shabbos, Yom Tov and simchos, the rebbes, wear what is called a kolpik during the week at certain times such as a yarziet tish or by hadlokos neiros as is the minhag of chassidim to dress nicer for that. A Rov in Belz was doing research into the minhagim of the previous Belzer Rebbes and it was found that in Europe the Belzer Rebbes would wear a Spodik on chanuka instead of the kolipik worn by other Rebbes, that is the reason the Belzer Rebbe put this on only now.

  2. Any idea why he switched? Any idea why he wore the Kolpik before? Isn't the Kolpik usually worn by eineklach of a Rebbe who are not yet married? At least that's what I've noticed in some groups.

  3. B"H

    I usually don't read Mishpacha but go straight into certain Israeli haredi forums. The Belzer have their own forum on Hyde Park and I would recommend to anyone speaking Hebrew reading there:

    According to the article in the forum, the Belzer Rebbe entirely switched back to the Spodik:

    It is true though that in the years before the Second World War, the Belzer wore a Spodik and not a Kolpik.

    As far as I know, the Kolpik is worn by some unmarried children but I don't know if only by the grandchildren of a Rebbe.

  4. B"H

    I sent an e - mail to a Belzer Chassid in order to inquire.
    His answer was that the Belzer Rebbe decided to have a nice
    change on Chanukkah by putting on the Spodik.

    Apparently since Chanukkah, the Rebbe has not yet worn the Spodik again.

  5. he only wears the spodik on chanukah and when burning the chometz.
    all grandchildren of vitnitz wear kolpicks till they get married, the belzers children dont!

  6. B"H

    Does the Belzer always do so on Chanukkah ?

  7. B"H

    I was told that the Rebbe now wants to wear the Spodik for every Tish.