Friday, December 4, 2009

Shabbat Shalom


The Europeans gave all their attention to only one single topic this week: To the Swiss vote against the minaretts. A very brave and positive vote in my opinion.
Brave because it is not too common in Europe anymore to speak out against the spreading Islam. People don't like it but prefer to keep quiet in order not to be called a rassist or to avoid a Fatwah or any other anger from the Muslim side.
In what kind of a world do we live today ? People let Islam rule their lives ? Of course, some are just stupid and believe in tolerance. Someone can be a Muslim terrorist but people still show their tolerance towards him. Lets just look at Obama's decision letting a 9/11 terrorist having his court case in the US. Bin Laden is laughing about the US !

Too much tolerance can be destructive, as I said before.
But not that only the Europeans are afraid of radical Islam terror; now also European Rabbis speak out against the Swiss vote. Those Rabbis think that if people bash Islam, they may do so with Judaism as well. Maybe but we should not favour the minaretts in order to get our synagogues. As an Israeli and as a Jew I am saying that a Jew belongs to Israel and not into the Diaspora. I know that anti - Zionists won't agree but look at you all abroad: You depend on the nations and have to be afraid all the time.
Well, Israelis also seem to depend on the nations and they may be afraid but, nevertheless, Israel is very different from your Diaspora. We don't have to justify ourselves and do have our own opinions. Netanyahu creeping before Obama doesn't represent the majority !

All of you know the American - Israeli writer Naomi Ragen with her books mainly about Haredim ? She is being sued by the haredi author Sarah Shapiro for stealing some of her book content. Naomi Ragen ("The Sotah") claimed in court (Jerusalem's District Court) that, of course, authors depend on other books and do take over material / facts. However. Noami obviously did forget to name her sources.

I liked her "The Sotah" but most of her following books were boring. Especially her last books about national religious society and about herself. Naomi Ragen has lost touch with her original haredi sources. You won't see her anywhere in Mea Shearim. No wonder she depends on other sources. She lives in the national religious part of Jerusalem's neighbourhood Ramot and cannot walk into Mea Sheairm on Shabbat. Maybe she should in order to see something original !

Going to Jerusalem soon, I still have a little time to enjoy Tel Aviv. It is supposed to rain but the sun is shining at the moment and I may walk along the beach.

"Shabbat Shalom - Gut Schabbes" to all of you and that your Shabbat may be inspired by Yaakov's behaviour not assimilating in his (Lavan) Diaspora.


  1. I don't think the Swiss made a wise decision. I can't help but think how I would feel if a country passed a law that said Jews could not display Chanuka menorahs or build sukkots. Or how about if they banned dancing with the Torah during Simchat Torah?

    The Swiss are also planning on making it illegal for Jews to have their cemetery. The Swiss only allowed kosher meat to be shipped into Switzerland in the 1970's. They do not allow animals to be killed following the laws of kashrut at all.

    Do you think that is fair or wise of the Swiss?

  2. B"H

    I am not saying that all their decision are wise but the last one against the minaretts was.
    Especially now where there are millions of Muslims in Europe and let me tell you: Many Europeans are afraid of that.

  3. Good for the Swiss! I am sick of the politically correct whining and crying about the poor muslims. Wake up and look around! I am not xtian, but this year, many cities in the US and EU will not be able to display signs saying "Merry Xmas" because it offends muslims!! The climate change meeting will not allow fir trees to be used for decoration (they are the best trees for cleaning the air) because the muslims complained that they resemble xmas trees!! The UN now does not allow any "xmas" trees or signs at all in fear of offending islam!! So wake up all you dullards--what are you going to do when islam comes for you??