Friday, December 11, 2009

Toldot Aharon Movie


A part of the report on the Toldot Aharon shown on the Israeli TV channel Arutz 10 a few weeks ago. A journalist was invited to present another, a positive, picture of the TA. The journalist spoke with Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim (Toldot Aharon) in his livingroom and with Rabbi Yoelish Kroisz (Toldot Aharon + Neturei Karta) in his office.

One of the Chassidim sang the anti - Zionist song they already learn at a young age. The report shows the Tish on Sukkot. The journalist asked if he may film and he was told that either the Chassidim allow it or they break his camera and his bones.

All of the TA Chassidim in the report said that they have never been to Tel Aviv. Yoelish Kroisz has never even seen the sea.
Being a TA Chassid means something special and usually they wear white Kipot although other Chassidim make fun of them.

Once a year all 10,000 Toldot Aharon members gather in order to sign the Takanot in front of Rebbe David Kahn. 150 of their families moved to Beit Shemesh, the rest lives in Mea Shearim and surrounding.

A married TA man wears the blue - white striped Kaftan; before he wears a black coat. The women wear black stockings and tight head covers in order to cover their shaved head.

Various Haredim said afterwards that Arutz 10 still only concentrated on the extreme behaviour of the group instead of showing the human side.  


  1. Hope you post the new report when it comes out. Also, is the song at the beginning of this clip the anti-zionist song?

  2. B"H

    I once published the wntire report and when you go to the label "Toldot Aharon Movie" you will find it. However, I am going to do it next week because, so far, I missed out to translate the interviews.

    I think the report was well done but the TA still remained as a backwards backyard group although the journalist was quite impressed by them.

    Yes, the anti - Zionist song is right at the beginning !

  3. I really don't get the dress code of the Yerushalayimi haredim. Some of them wear striped coats with a flat hat and white kippot, i thought they were the toldos aharon hasidim. But now i see some of them wear black coats.. Do you know how you can tell the difference between all of the haredim with striped garb?

  4. B"H

    You have to be aware of a few things:

    1. The Toldot Aharon and the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak (split off the Toldot Aharon in 1996) basically wear the same clothes. Unmarried men go in black, married men in blue stripes (on Shabbat in light brown stripes).

    2. Furthermore, the men wear black sox during the week.
    On Shabbat, however, single men wear black sox and married men wear white sox.

    3. On Shabbat you will find the light brown coats also at Karlin - Stolin and in parts of Breslov !

    4. Coming back to the Toldot Aharon and Avraham Yitzchak:
    Their members living outside Jerusalem are not obligated to wear the blue striped coats !