Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Missionary Warning for Mea Shearim and Ge'ulah


He is homeless, in his fourties and has been sleeping in various Orthodox Synagogues in the Jerusalem neighbourhoods of Makor Baruch, Ge'ulah and Mea Shearim. His name is GIDON and he is easy to recognize, as he looks a little weird with all his sticky hair falling out.
I have seen him a few times inside the "Dugit", Tel Aviv's center for messianic Jews or whatever they like to call themselves. The center is located right at the junction Allenby / Ben Yehudah and looks like a store from the outside.

I am passing there many times and always have a look inside through the huge glass windows. Three or four times I have seen this weirdo Gidon sitting inside. First I told myself that he just went for the free tea and coffee but today I saw him sitting inside being involved in a deep discussion with one of the messianics.

As Gidon has a kind of access to Jerusalem's Synagogues (people know him and let him sleep there), I wonder if the messianics tell him to spread their missionary pamphletes all over Ge'ula and Mea Shearim. If Gidon sleeps there, he may just drop some New Testaments or whatever on different shelves inside Batei Midrash.

I do not believe that the guy is simply going for a cup of tea but may be more attached to the center than we realize. So, Makor Baruch, Ge'ulah, etc. watch who is sleeping in your Synagogues !

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