Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Jealousy of Mizrachnikim


Despite all criticism of secular Israelis on haredi society, the worst gossipers about haredi society remain the national religious. The Mizrachnikim have no knowledge about haredi society but do not stop making stupid commets. A few weeks ago, a totally secular Israeli from Tel Aviv confirmed this statement. "Even", I should say, the secular are aware of the national religious favourite haredi hatred,. "You know why they hate the Haredim, the Tel Avivi asked me, because they are jealous that the Haredim are frumer than them. Not all Haredim but most of them are. The national religious are simply jealous".

This is a statement I can greatly confirm.


  1. Speaking as a "Mizruchnik" Who, along with two small children and a newborn, was attacked by a mob of (probably) Satmar hassidim, I think I have reason to be offended. This was in February 1993, and we had gone to Geula to buy a new stroller for the baby. I don't have a tv, I didn't know that our brethren were rioting over another spurious issue. Our windshield was smashed by a rock the size of a melon, and my 65-year-old mother-in-law had to have stitches and a CT because they hit her in the head with a rock the size of an orange.

    The police were not interested in intervening, but they did mention that had our windshield been smashed by a mob of Arabs, the state would have paid to replace it.

    Thanks to my husband's driving skill (through piles of burning garbage, on and off sidewalks) we managed to escape to the Emergency Room. Believe it or not, one neighborhood woman offered us a hot drink--not that anyone in the area actually intervened to help us. Useless gesture, considering the circumstances.

    By the way, everyone was modestly dressed, by any standards.

    Say what you will about us Mizruchnikim, we don't do that to our fellow Jews. Imagine how I felt trying to explain that to my 6 and 4-year-olds without encouraging them to hate all Haredim.

    Just "happenned to be in the wrong place at the wrong time". Don't talk to me about sinnat chinnam, I've had it smash me in the face.

  2. B"H

    I don't think that it is fair to look at haredi society only through violent demonstrations. There are some violaters but they don't make up an entire society !

    By the way, you have such people in any society, even in the national religious !

    Let me tell you that I even saw other Haredim getting attacked in their cars. I've seen this myself and one guy even held his black Kipa out of the car (in Shivtei Israel last summer). This didn't help too much.

  3. Do not know where you gather your info from. Totally off base!

  4. B"H

    Years back, I used to be national religious myself and went to their programmes. I still go there sometimes. If you look around and speak to many of them, you know what I mean !