Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taliban Mum


Not everyone in Mea Shearim looks like that. Actually hardly anyone looks like it except for some nuts following the Taliban Mum who is somewhere in jail for molesting her children.

If you want to see those Talibans in Jerusalem, go to Shivtei Israel Street. Leaving Mea Shearim Street, crossing Shivtei Israel and turning into the road (across) on the right. To the left you find the street where lots of the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak members live. The street located next to them is full of Breslover Baalei Teshuva. Many of them are strange and freaky. Unfortunately, Breslov is famous for accepting (former) criminals and nuts of all kind. At least the Baalei Teshuva movements.

The Talibanis are from the freaky Breslover Baalei Teshuva movement and have nothing to do with the rest of Mea Shearim. Some weirdos sticking to themselves and not even entering a grocery store in case there is a male customer inside.

I have only seen one of those once and first thought that this woman must be an Arab. Nevertheless, those Taliban funny farm women are rather rare and no one really refers to them except for the press and this photo I found in a haredi forum.

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