Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interview with Rabbi Amram Blau (Neturei Karta)

Hashem Hu Malkeinu

Hashem is our King, and we are his servants. Our holy Torah is our law and we are loyal to it. We don't recognize the regime of the heretics, we don't accept their authority, we do not submit to their government, and their laws do not obligate us. We will go in the Torah's way, in fire and water, to glorify and sanctify the Name of Heaven.

A famous anti - Zionist song


An interesting interview with Rabbi Amram Blau, the famous former head of the Neturei Karta in Mea Shearim.

It is a very typical statement from the Neturei Karta that if Israel (the Holy Land) was handed over to the Arabs, the Muslims would NOT kill / attack any Jew. Further the NK claims that this has never happened when there was no State of Israel. However, history is proving the Neturei Karta WRONG. Just look at the Arab pogroms against the Jews in the Arab Quarter in 1919.
Not only that: Look at the Arabs today. Do you think that a mob killing two helpless Israeli soldiers in Ramallah could just be sitting around peacefully with other Israelis ? They just take over and wait together with the Jews that Meshiach is coming ?

I don't see all Yiddishkeit destroyed. Different times, different approaches but Jews always knew how to deal with new situations and challenges. Therefore I am not as pessimistic as maybe the NK.

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