Friday, December 18, 2009

Shabbat Shalom


For weeks we had been waiting for rain and now we have a very wet Rosh Chodesh Tevet. Finally because Israel needs rain. The Kinneret is drying out and we are forced to pay extremely high water bills beginning with the next month.

In a way I love this cold rainy weather because it gives me lots of time to sit and read books. I do read regular novels but mainly Israeli books on Israeli politics. The army and all kinds of political issues as well as on Lebanon and other Arab countires. I just mention the writer Ronen Bergmann who writes about all kinds of Israeli security issues.

This Shabbat is the last day of Chanukkah and today is still Rosh Chodesh. So, there should be some rainy spirituality around. :-)

"Shabbat Shalom + Gut Schabbes" to all of you !

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  1. Marvelous. marvelous rain. And not the driving downpour kind, but a continuous soft rain, that is absorbed easily by the surroundings. I went out to night shift at the hospital in the rain, and came home the next morning (nice and dry in the Hadassah van, thank G-d) in more of the same.

    Lovely Hanukkah gift to us all from the Ribbono shel Olam.