Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reporting Yeshiva students with Internet Connection


The Mea Shearim modesty committee wants neighbours of young Yeshiva students having an Internet connection reporting those student violaters. This announcement does not surprise me at all.

Lets say you walk along Mea Shearim Street: It does happen many times (especially on Purim) that you hear English screams coming out of some windows. Young American guys with a black Kipot yell around; either drunk or they just freak out. I suppose many of those guys study at the nearby MIR Yeshiva.

They rent apartments in small groups and, as many of their parents are wealthy, they are able to afford higher rents. The cash - and credit card - flow makes it much easier for them finding apartments in the area because most locals do not have that much money.
Most parents have no ideaof what their kids (spoiled brats) really do in Israel. American Yeshiva (AISH) students are famous fror getting drunk and using drugs. Just ask any policeman in the street and he definitely has a story for you.

This is why it does not surprime me that the modesty committee is after them. The reputation is down the drain anyway and I do believe that the Internet makes it even worse. Especially in a neighbourhood like Mea Shearim.

"Guys, just change the neighbourhood and move to Maalot Dafna, Ramat Eshkol or to the French Hill !" 


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