Thursday, December 31, 2009

The basic Toldot Aharon Takanot - Part 1


This is the short and more public version of the Toldot Aharon Takanot (from the group's founder Rebbe Aharon Roth):

1. Every Shabbat and holiday, everyone (of the members) should come to the Toldot Aharon Beit Midrash and pray Shacharit (the morning prayer).

2. The prayer should be in the Beit Midrash. A powerful prayer.
It is forbidden to prevent anyone from a strong enthusiastic prayer. When the person is crying out loud to G - d. Except for those who start making crazy voice beyond the way of Toldot Aharon.

3. Everyone has to go according the Nussach of our (Toldot Aharon) group. Whoever does not do so, has no right to pray with a loud voice.

4. a) The men go with a Tallit on Leil (Erev) Shabbat. b) During the Torah reading, the head has to be covered with a Tallit.

During prayer, no one should be busying himself with something else such as reading Tehillim (Psalms), organize something or look through other books.

5. Someone going to the Beit Midrash should refrain from talking.

6. Watch your children that they do not scream during prayer or the reading of the Torah. Those not watching their children have to be fined.

Also watch your children's clothes ao that they are clean and proper.

Take care that your children do not cause any damage to the Beit Midrash. In case they did, the father has to pay for the damage.

7. No one can be called up to the Torah who did not go to the Mikweh on the same day.

8. Study Tehillim (Psalms) after the prayer.

9. No one should put on Tefillin not belonging to anyone or damaged one.

10. Show respect to the Beit Midrash. One should not yell or make fun (laugh out loud) while being in the Beit Midrash. Further, do not smoke inside the Beit Midrash.

11. Show respect to the books in the Beit Midrash. It is forbidden to take out a book without asking the Gabbai. Only those receive a permission who respect the rules and return the book on time and its place.

12. Do not let a woman come to the prayer in our Beit Midrash who does not wear modest clothes. The woman should not wear a wig (Sheitel). - This is happening to other haredi women from other groups who do wear a wig. In the Toldot Aharon staircase at the Ezrat Nashim (women's side) you can find a box full of Tichels. If a woman wearing a Sheitel is coming into the Toldot Aharon Beit Midrash, she is asked to put on a Tichel (on top of her wig).

13. This point is not really clear to me: It says that someone being / or is keeping a little away from society (the group) has to pay a "Pidyion Nefesh - soul rectification". Those not paying have to stay away from the Beit Midrash until they do pay.

14. Everyone should take care to pay the taxes and the water tax.

15. Everyone should make a "Melave Malka" when it is his turn.

16. If anyone is coming to pray with us (on Shabbat) who does shave his beard or Peyot (side curls), we have to respect him. Respect every guest ! However, we have to tell him that he he did not shave his beard or Peyot, we could be called up to the Torah.

This refers to members:
If someone is coming to pray in Toldot Aharon on a regular basis and does not keep the Takanot, we need to tell him after three months that there are Takanot. In the time of three - six months, we need to warn him and remind him of the Takanot. If he does not fix his behaviour and keep the Takanot until the sixth month, he cannot be called up to the Torah. He cannot be part of the group.

17. A member just ignoring all the Takanot is only to be warned for the period of one month. If he then does not keep the Takanot, he will not be even allowed to enter the yard.

18. A member who does not keep the Takanot is not allowed to give a Shiur or Drasha.

19. A new member will not be accepted until he lives at least six months according to the Takanot. Society has to see if he is able to live according to the rules.

20. In case someone starts arguments or fights or states other opinions / ideologies cannot come to the Beit Midrash.

21. Once a month, in the weeks of Mevarchin (blessing the new month), a gathering has to take place. Everyone has to attend and not use any kind of excuse. If someone does not show up he will be fined.

At every gathering the Takanot have to be read.

22. Once a year, a meeting with all the members has to take place. Either in Cheshvan or in Kislev. A meal will be served and you renew your union with Hashem. Sign the Takanot anew.

A member who does not come to the "great gathering" has to be separated from society.

Prayer Takanot

1. When praying the members have to wait for the "Shaliach Zibur – official person praying" and his prayer.

2. No quarrels in front of the Shaliach Zibur about the prayers.

3. A member who does not keep the Takanot of the modest dress code is not allowed to pray in front of the Shaliach Zibur.

4. The same with people who like to argue, stutter or have a different voice, took drugs or did anything else not according to the way.

5. One cannot stand in front of the Shaliach Zibur in case he shave his beard. Not even a little tiny hair cutting off the beard is allowed.

6. The members have to keep the Toldot Aharon Nussach.

7. One is not allowed to stand in front of the Shaliach Zibur and pray if he has not been to the Mikveh on the same day. Moreover, he is not allowed to stand in front of the Shaliach Zibur and wear woolen clothes.

8. If anyone feels like he needs a Mikveh because he could not overcome his thoughts, Yetzer HaRah or any other sin, he should go to the Mikveh. Even before Mincha (afternoon prayer) and Maariv (evening prayer) one had to go to the Mikveh.

9. One has to use his special prayer gartel (belt) in front of the Shaliach Zibur.

10. Everyone has to pray from his Sidur and not saying the prayers by heart.

11. One has to pray with a loud voice because the public prayer continues after the voice of the Baal Tefilah.

12. The person leading the prayer service should not hurry.

13. Pray with joy and wait until most members finish their kapitel (chapter).

14. Wait in the "Shemona Ezrei – Amidah" until the community members finish and are able to say AMEN.


  1. Is there some halacha about looking into the siddur, and not davening by heart?

    Going to the mikveh for the unclean thoughts is interesting, and I'm not sure what it means. The mikveh cleanses from a seminal emission. Is the takanah saying that the mikveh will cleanse you of your unclean thought? Or is it saying to go into the bathroom or in private, "take care of your unclean thought," and then go to the mikveh to purify yourself? Hmmm.

  2. B"H

    I am not sure about all the little details either. However, I got hold of the book:

    "Takanot and Hadrachot"
    Iggrot Shomrei Emunim
    by Rebbe Aharon Roth

    I am going to write the second part of the Takanot and then an essay with explanations !

  3. Just curious, who gave this to you? Someone very daring!

  4. B"H


    It was the "Gershom Sholem Library" at the Hebrew National Library.

    If you want to call it "daring".:-))))