Monday, December 7, 2009

The Video mysteriously disappearing from Youtube


For one day, the video became quite famous on Youtube last week. It shows a Palestinian woman at an Israeli checkpoint (Machsom) suddenly pulling out a knife and stabbing an Israeli guard.

Shortly after its publication, Youtube took the video off its site without giving any reasons. What you can still watch on Youtube are videos from radical leftists or Palestinians showing the negative side of Israeli checkpoints.
Seemingly Youtube is more than biased in this respect !

The video shows very cleary how dangerous the situation at checkpoints is and why the checkpoints have to remain where they are !



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  1. The original clip showed them looking in a small hand purse she was carrying and finding a knife. They wrestled the purse away from her then took it to the back--the clip you have starts after that. And this is only one of the daily problems faced by Israelis. Yes, the checkpoints take time, but imagine if there were none! Don't forget that Israelis have to go through checkpoints as well--but we know it is for our protection.