Monday, December 21, 2009

Auschwitz Sign

Auschwitz (still) without its sign "Arbeit macht Frei".
In the meantime, the sign was found by the Polish police.


  1. According to a Polish Police annoncement monday is the sign found cut in three pieces and five men arrested in connection with the crime.

  2. B"H

    Why did they steal it at all ?
    Maybe a rich Japanese collector offered them a few millions.

  3. The "why" is not answered so far.

  4. There are still (Tuesday evening) a lot of unconfirmed rumors in the air. One says that the thieves planed to sell the sign in pieces to rigtwing extremist, An other rumor has it that the sign was on its way to a collector in Sweden when the police found it. The Swedish police says that they have not been contacted by the Polish police, so far.

  5. B"H

    I just read in an Israeli newspaper that a collector had offered the thieves 30,000 Euro.

  6. An uppdate. The whole story seams to be made up. According to Swedish papers the infamous evening paper Aftonbladet (the one with the "organ theft story") has been deceived. The real facts are that the Auschwitz sign was stolen and then found broken in three pieces.
    The last/latest version goes like this: A former leader of a nazi group in Sweden organized the theft in order to gain some money and publicity. But their is no secret group that is planing an attack against the parlament or prime minister. The former leader denies the allegations about his involvement except that he is Aftonbladets source. The person was previously put under financial guardianship. The guardian (said to be an active funder of nazi groups in Sweden) has said in a paper that his client has a vivid imagination.