Monday, December 21, 2009

G - d's World

Photo: Taken from Weasel Zippers


The summit in Copenhagen is over and the world is back where it used to be before:
Heading towards destruction.
Our planet is falling apart but politicians do not hardly care and others even fall asleep. Catastrophe movies always show us that scientist keep on warning about disasters but the world refuses to listen. Not until the real disaster is right in front of us.

Today we do not need any further warnings, as proofs are already too obvious. The ice is melting and the water level is rising. In some years from today, parts of our coasts may be flooded. Lets look at New York or Tel Aviv. Just recently "National Geographic TV" showed the results of the melting poles. Huge parts of New York will soon be part of the sea. I suppose the same applies to Tel Aviv or to any country in the world. At the moment, the press is even going wild about snow in London and the freezing cold weather in Europe and the US.

However, there is another aspect of global warming. Is it only our fault or may something else help causing it ?

According to the Talmud (Sanhedrin), humankind will not exist forever. One day, after the arrival of Meshiach, our planet including the entire universe is going to disappear again. "Back to the time before Creation" where ONLY G - d exists alone and nothing else besides Him.

Our universe is vulnerable; stars come into existence and are also due to die. Once their energy is used up, the end of a star has arrived. And what about the sun ?
Scientists claim that the sun is heating up and thus causes another reason for our global warning. I am only asking myself where the entire topic shows up in the Prophets ? Is there any mentioning about destroying the environment or planets causing us problems in the Tanach ? Let alone in the Torah Codes.

Despite all warning, Copenhagen and floods, the world is going to continue as usual. Too much is at stake. Jobs, money, politics, personal interests. Many people can only be convinced when the disaster is right in front of their doorstep. And even if: I just watched the movie "2012" where whole continents were shifting and the majority of humanity died. Only a few rich people and some Chinese workers survived in arks.
If this is so, why should any high - ranking politician or wealthy businessman be worried. Lets build an ark and show who is the real "G - d".

By the way, in the movie "2012" the American President showed guts and refused to travel to the arks in China. Instead he was wiped out with his people. If Obama or anyone else would do the same ? Or do too many people already see themselves as G - d ?


  1. seriously...i cannot beleive you are get sucked into all the hype about 'global warming'. i mean, those fraudsters dont even call it that anymore, the new buzzword is "climate change" because now we're cooling again. while i agree that baal tash'chis is something we must guard against, to think that we as puny humans have the ability to destroy the world physically (as opposed to spiritually, which we have seen before is possible) is silly. "Rabos machshuves b'lev ish"... men ken nisht!

  2. B"H

    It looks like "cooling" when I look at Europe and the US.:-)))

    We do have the ability to destroy the physical world. Just look at the messed up, garbage dump, beach in Tel Aviv. Look at the atomic waste and sniff the air.

    Excuse me, but I think it is important to look at what is happening around us. Stephen Hawking has been saying for years we should move to Mars because planet Earth has become a garbage dump.

    This is a little too exaggerated but I think that we should try to improve something in our behaviour although the industry is not excited about it.